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Welcome to the
To fully enjoy your stay here, you need to follow some basic guidelines.

1. Before opening a new thread, make sure there isn't already a similar thread opened: use the Search function. Remember that posting in an existing thread is always better than opening a new one. Also, choose a proper title. For example, "Yaaaaayy" is not a proper title. A Moderator, Administrator, or a Technician may change any non-proper title.

2. Please make sure you are in the right Sub-Forum before creating the thread.

3. While this being an age-mature forum, swearing is tolerated in moderation; and there are a few extremes. Swearing in terms of exclamation or to strengthen feeling in a statement is, again, tolerated in moderation.

4. However, swearing in a personal attack on any user will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Personal attacks are forbidden, thus including flame wars. Flame wars are basically personal attacks without swears. Administrators, Moderators, and the Technician Team will not argue in these matters.

5. Hate threads or posts are also not tolerated.

6. This forum isn't a warez forum. While you may request some files, you cannot request for free, full, copies of programs you would normally have to pay for.

7. Any kind of illegal commercial invitation / advertisement is forbidden. The post will be immediately deleted and the poster may be banned from DAIForum. However we already have Aisle 3 section, for those who wants to do trading, buying or selling.

8. Spam is forbidden. Spam is when a user continues to post off topic after being warned. These include “silly”, inappropriate, or cloned threads. However, we have 'spam' section, it's called Kit Kat Jam

9. Posting of Pornographic/Racist/Religiously Offensive Comments and Links is also forbidden. This will IMMEDIATELY be edited for content if not deleted entirely. However, we have Exposed section, which contain with 'that' world, and accessible for those who over 16.

10. Offensive or threatening usernames are not allowed. The user will be asked for a new name. Note that you can't change your user name in any other case.

11. You are allowed to use a picture in your signature. However, its size is limited to, Max Width:500 px, Max Height:300px. If your signature doesn't follow these requirements, it may be edited at any time by an administrator, moderator or technician.

12. Any violation of these rules will be sanctioned, at the Administrators, Moderators, or the Technician Team digression. No contestation is possible.


DAIForum Team


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These following sections are not available for Guest or Unvalidated Members:
- Lyrics
- External Media Hub
- Aisle
- Exposed
- Treasure Vault

Just FYI. Stov~
Posting of Pornographic/Racist/Religiously Offensive Comments and Links is also forbidden. This will IMMEDIATELY be edited for content if not deleted entirely.

What about the exposed thread? ph34r.gif
Nobody knows about it :bunblush:

Oh well, that section is an exception :wink:
who do we ask for password...?
okay, just a few words about the Exposed thread

Password and access: touffray, stov', can I have a word with you about that ^^)

Rules: there is a special notice explaining the special rules to be applied in Exposed, please read before posting !

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