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Full Version: Ayumi: "Secret" covers and tracklist revealed
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On November 29th, Ayumi is going to release her second mini-album, which is currently untitled.

*Update: The album's name is "Secret".*
*2nd Update: Looks like Ayumi was keeping a 'secret' from us! The album has been revealed to be a full album, with 14 songs, 7 music videos, and 7 Making Of videos. So all this talk comparing it with Memorial address doesn't apply anymore, haha.*
*3rd Update: Covers and tracklist revealed, check one of my posts toward the end of the page.*

The release is going to be much in the same vein as her 1st mini-album Memorial adress, in that it comes with 7 tracks, all of which have music videos for them.

The mini-album (I mean full album, now) is coming in both a CD version and a CD+DVD version, both of which are currently available for preorder at CDjapan.
This sounds good to me. It looks like Ayumi is getting a bit of a break from releasing so much, so good for her. It's cool that this album parallels Memorial address, right down to the number of tracks and that each song has a video for it. Can't wait for it!

Special thanks to Choyan and ayumIsrael at for the info.
I heard about it as well! I was just reluctant to post. << >> lol

Have you heard 1LOVE and JEWEL?
Nah, I'm waiting until I buy the album, actually. That way, I'll have something to look forward to when I get it. And 3 new, it'll be a good little release. I liked Memorial address, so I'm glad this is kinda similar, in terms of what's on it.

Have you heard the songs?
Yeah, but only through those Panasonic commercials. xD So it's not like I heard the whole song. But they seem pretty good. =]
So will JEWEL and 1 LOVE be released as singles before the album?

But yeah, i'm likin the tracklist so far...
It looks like there won't be any other singles released this year, and that the new songs will show up just with the mini-album.

It's available for pre-order on YesAsia now, too.
I'm looking forward to that new song, as well as JEWEL and 1LOVE. =]
Have you guys here the news? It seems the full details of the album were a "Secret" after all...on her website, it says that the album has gone "from 2nd mini-album to new full album," basically. :rolling: :rolling: :rolling:

The album will have 14 songs, 7 music videos, and 7 Making Ofs for those music video. One of the best parts is that 9 of the songs are exclusive to the album, which is 3 more than were exclusive to (miss) understood (haven't been on singles, and I'm not counting interludes from (m)u). This album's gonna rock.
Whoa! XD

Lmao that sounds great. biggrin.gif Can't wait. =]
Wow thats great news!

And from what i can gather from her site u can get a 'special poster present' biggrin.gif
New Team Ayu message!

QUOTE(Ayumi Hamasaki)
No.160 Tue Oct 24, 2006 3:19am

I know it's sudden, but I would like to make a big announcement to everyone!!!!
I think yesterday night KAZ informed you guys at the TA homepage, and a few moments ago we made the announcement at our official HP,
that the album “Secret” which was announced as a second mini-album
would be released as a 8th full album on Nov 29th

The reason for this it that there were soo many wonderful songs produced that
I wanted to deliver them to you all!!
So I asked on a very short notice if I can change it in to a full length album with 14 songs. Ha-ha.
(Of course, there will be 7 PVs and 7 makings of the PVs → Good luck KAZ!)

The problem is, there are still some songs left to do the recording *wry smile*
I’m still working on it, so until the completion of “Secret”
I will try my best by praising myself (lol)
and imagining your happy face on this announcement!!

To my staff
I guess our working all through the night days will continue….

To the fans I love
I’m so sorry that this information confused you guys. But please wait and look forward to this album!

[Special thanks to ray348 at for the translation of the original message]
Looks like it wasn't a plan to trick us from the start, but she still did a great job at surprising us all. =P
Covers and Tracklistings revealed!

CD+DVD version
user posted image

CD version
user posted image

1. Not yet
2. until that Day...
3. Startin'
4. 1 LOVE
5. It was
8. momentum
9. taskinst
10. Born To Be...
11. Beautiful Fighters
13. kiss o' kill
14. Secret

DVD content:
Startin' music video
Born To Be... music video
BLUE BIRD music video
Beautiful Fighters music video
1 LOVE music video
JEWEL music video
momentum music video
Startin' [making of]
Born To Be... [making of]
BLUE BIRD [making of]
Beautiful Fighters [making of]
1 LOVE [making of]
JEWEL [making of]
momentum [making of]
Great covers as usual! :bigthumb:

I prefer the CD version tho...nice pose ^^
^ Yeah me too... though I kinda hoped the covers would look better but it's passable. ^^;

Looks like at the bottom of this page, it says that's how the poster is supposed to look like, I think. xD

JEWEL PV came out!
user posted image

(About to watch it right now. >D)

So HC, are you gonna buy the album?
I'm definitely gonna get it, but I'm gonna have to do Xmas shopping first, and if I have cash left, I'm buying it. If not, I have one thing to put on my Xmas wishlist. XD!

I love the covers, actually...they're not especially unique, but Ayumi looks Ayum-yum in them. =P I especially like the CD+DVD, but I think they're both cool. The paint tattoo is badass.

So you can guess I'm exited to get the poster!

I'm gonna have to download the new video soon, too. Looks Christmas-ey.
I saw JEWEL and thought it was alright...nothing special, IMO. Today I downloaded momentum and loved it! I liked the ending, I kinda saw it coming from the clues throughout the video, and it was good. I can't wait for 1LOVE! I saw a clip of it on the album's CM, and it looks badass. smile.gif
JEWEL was alright too, I still have yet to see momentum.

The album leaked. xD I thought it was alright, the best interlude I would say is Not yet lol. And I also like until that Day... and JEWEL of course. xD 1 LOVE was alright, I expected a bit more, but overall it was pretty good. So, yeah. XD
Did you like (miss)understood? How do you think it compares with Secret? Just so I get a gauge how they stand next to each other.
I can't really say alot of (miss)understood album, 'cause I haven't heard alot of songs from it. I've only heard 6 songs off it, and most of them were either single or cover songs from Sweetbox. xD All of those songs are great, though I wish she had put a bit of creativity in it hehe. Not saying it's bad, but I think she did go a bit overboard with those Sweetbox songs. ^^;

As for Secret, it's awesome. She had alot of fast paced songs in this one, and rock too. The single songs are great, but I think I like the album songs better hehe. I guess this is how I would rank the album songs (excluding interludes) 1 being my most favourite. xD

1) until that Day...
3) momentum
4) It was
5) Secret
6) 1 LOVE
7) kiss o’ kill

I guess I could say... (miss)understood < Secret. xD
I finally got the album today, heh. It's really awesome! Off of the first listen, I can say I loved until that Day, kiss o' kill, and It was. But really, there's no song I didn't like. Listening to it again now, getting to know the songs better.

The booklet for the album is pretty cool, too. smile.gif
Finally got your CD in the mail HC? Haha, good to know that you enjoyed it. laugh.gif

I saw her sing until that Day... live from a video on YouTube. I think it was a Countdown Live or something, I forgot, but yeah, she performed it pretty well. smile.gif
I'm watching the DVD on my HDTV now...I really like the videos. Not as much as the ones off of m(u), but they're still pretty cool. And my grandma started to like Ayumi over the Summer, because of Startin'. laugh.gif

I kinda sense a more "we" theme going on for this album for some reason, as opposed to what I thought was a more "I" theme in m(u), which is interesting.

I'm gonna look up the until that Day performance on YouTube, thanks for the info. She's gotten better live as she gets older, it seems. smile.gif
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