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Full Version: Guitar Hero II coming to Xbox 360 with new Explorer guitar
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DAI World Order

user posted image

it's cool they picked an Explorer but they should've changed the color to green.
Soul Reaver
That is, fortunately, just a mockup. Hopefully it'll be a different color. And there other strap knob will be on it XD
Haha i thought you were pulling my leg there DWO.

This reminds me of a certain colour scheme for the tragically shortlived Dreamcast. Hmmmmm.
DAI World Order

that controller isn't a mockup. it's real and someone demoed the controller at x06.



the 360 is actually the Dreamcast Resurrection. Coincidentally, the PR guy for the Xbox used to work for Sega and was in charge of the Dreamcast back then.
Ahh i seem to remember you mentioning something about the PR guy working for both companies.

I guess i still haven't come to terms with the Dreamcast's death. Probably why i shy away from anything Xbox related. But then, if it really had been Dreamcast mkII, i don't think the catalogue of games would really impress me too much.
DAI World Order
what kinda games do you play? JRPG?
JRPG's? You mean Japanese RPG's? Well RPG's in general, i play alot of. And MMO's. Like Final Fantasy XI heh. Well, just the one.
Soul Reaver
Ow! My anus!

If you thought Expert tracks in GH1 were hard then GH2 is going to ask you to bend over. These are 2 of them from the Face Melters tier; Beast And The Harlot and Misirlou.

For you that don't know the games: in Guitar Hero the songs are split into tiers according to difficulty. The Face Melter tier is the hardest. In Guitar Hero the Face Melters were Godzilla, Texas Flood, Frankenstein, Cowboys From Hell, and Bark At The Moon. Bark At The Moon is supposed to be the hardest but some people, including me, say that Cowboys is harder cause its longer. In Guitar Hero 2 Beast and the Harlot, Institutionalized, Misirlou, Hangar 18, and Free Bird (5 minute guitar solo! neeeeyah! Doesn't sound like a hard song but its 10 minutes long so that ramps difficulty) are the Face Melters.
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