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Full Version: How do you clean raw mangas?
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I'm sure some of you read mangas tongue.gif The raw versions that are scanned are usually a mess. Then some person cleans it so it can be scanlated.

I want to know how to clean it tongue.gif I just started coloring manga and I figured I'd learn how to clean too. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but I noticed there aren't many clean Naruto scanlations available for recent chapters. It's easy to find Bleach chapters though.
well raw quality also depends on the paper the manga is originally printed on too. if you've bought manga before.. or even own STUPID tokyopop versions, you'll notice that sometimes the paper is different color between volumes. that's because they're using different quality and different GSM paper. dumb thing is TP uses different paper between each volume of the same series, and so it just looks retarded.

anyways, back to cleaning.. i actually do something a little different; i take scans and remove text to create backgrounds. but either way, it's exactly the same as coloring. layers, layers, layers. your rub out specks, fill in gaps. there's no guide to it because it's a lot easier to do than coloring.. you're using grayscale all the way and it's a lot easier to blend black and white. so if you can color, you can clean.

was there something more specific that you were having trouble with?
Well the text part is easy to figure out, but the rest is hard. I find it hard to believe they can clean up an entire chapter up so quickly. Usually cleaned scanlated version are released in 2 days or so. I can't imagine how long it must of took to clean 17 or so pages.

Trying to mantain the lighting/shadows must be hard. Oh well tongue.gif Guess this ain't for me haha
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