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Full Version: Eyeshield 21
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I LOVE THIS MANGA!! I've been following it from the beginning!

however, the anime gets on my nerves. The seiyuu for Hiruma pisses me off. His voice is just too high! And they changed so much! like the whole bit when they meet suzuna and whatnot. and the whole order of events in the games, some of which never occur, like Sena being scared shitless of Habashira are all fucked up.

AND THE FUCKING FILLERS. Jesus. They come two episodes at a time!

This is a case where it's utterly pointless to not follow the manga since the anime was made late enough to have plenty to work with and even go frame by frame. all this extra crap that's being changed and added is just useless and it's lengthening the anime. not only will they save on budget, but if they MUST spend it, they can touch up the animation of everyone, not just the heroes of the various plays, speed it up and make it a little more dynamic, like in the manga.

yeah, i know this happens all the time, but i HAD to bitch about it. sorry.
I haven't read the manga, but I have been watching the first 30 episodes of the anime I think.
I like the anime, it's really fun, Hiruma is just too evil :twisted:
Actually, I think the seiyuu for him fits to him :roll:
But I agree it's not dynamic enough, you can clearly see when they did put a filler :roll:
I dunno, when I first read the manga, I pictured a gruff voice for Hiruma. Not a voice that sounded like a protagonist's.
DAIs Apprentice
I have it on me shonen! I like it too, but it's not available here T_T even the new ruroken (SHONEN) edition are out of stock T_T

I only have the 1st 2 chapters and so far it's good!

hmmm, I can't think of any other good sport they didn't think of makin a manga abt. tongue.gif are there anything else?
right now, I've read up to chapter 195, and it's one epic story. it's all through scanslation though. I think Toriyama World was doing it as a joint project with akatsuki manga. Unfortunately it got licensed, so now, Fucking-Manga is doing it underground. they've gone up to chapter 160, but other groups who are waiting for their high quality scans, did LQ ones from 163-195.

as for other sports manga, there's always captain tsubasa, and hajime ippo.

but for boxing, i like Rokudenashi Blues the best.
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