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Full Version: Now & There, Here & There...disturbing anime
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This anime is just sick. Has anyone watched it? It's pretty old, so I doubt many have. It's 13 episodes long, but I stopped at the 5th and deleted the rest.

If you enjoy seeing people tortued than this is the show for you! happy.gif I've never been turned off by a character so fast. Although I admit I stay away from horror films because that's not my thing. The King is an absolute nut! He should have his arms & legs chopped off and starve to death. Beating everyone you know must be pretty fun! Don't mention the 11-13 year old sex slave who's raped by everyone it seems. I'm betting she's pregnant by now.

With that said though... If I managed to finish the series, it would get an A tongue.gif I didn't though, so it gets a "i never want to think of this show again" grade happy.gif
i only got to watch the first four episodes on dvd, and i thought it was really sad. but i wanted to watch it to see what happens in the end. i think the blonde girl died though... cuz in one episode in the dessert, you see a leg sticking out of the sand. i think that's her leg.
Easily one of the most overrated animes next to Neon Genesis Evangelion. The anime tries to be deep and FAILS. Not to mention the thousands of scenes where it focuses on someone's unchanging face for what feels like 5 mins.

For the record, though, the blonde chick doesn't die. She escapes to this village where she runs into that dude and the water chick. and the story goes on from there.
Did the King die?
Ah, that I forgot. In fact I forgot most things about the anime, except for the fact the they'd show someone's frozen face for a long time. He probably does... I remember him being really whiny and foppish...
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