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Full Version: are there any good PSP rpgs out there?
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I've had my psp for a while and just been playing more first person shooters and racing games. They are good i admit however i now thirst for for good rpg game that will help me to relive the final fantasy days of long ass games with great stories. What's good out there?
not 100% sure.. but i remember them saying there were gonna do the legend of mana series on the PSP.. just go to one of those game review sites and click on PSP -> RPG..

checked for my own curiosity and here's some that are tried and true classics.. either ports or extensions onto the PSP:
- Tales of Eternia
- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
- Breath of Fire III
- Tales of Destiny 2

not sure if these are all out yet.. fairly sure FF7 isn't
Go with Valkyrie Profile, it's a great port of a really good PSone RPG. Just be warned: it's more oriented for console play.
yeah, i tried tales of eternia. Twas pretty fun but i think the game play and the slow story sorta got to me afta a while. Maybe i'll give it another try hehe. Oh and yeah valkyrie profile looks great. The FMVs look fantastic however I'm not so crash hot on movement system.

Cheers for the opinions mates! Btw, tekken dark resurrection, WHAT A GREAT GAME!!!!!
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