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Full Version: New member Alert! :)
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Hey watsup all!

I'm Varun from Riverside, CA. Im 20 years old and am VirileVocalist's(Newb) roomate. I am usually found gaming (world of warcraft) or studying(bio major ftl).

It just so happened that I became good friends with Mode(virilevocalist) around 15 months ago. Hanging out with Mode was very weird since a lot of his buddies would come up to him during lunch time or before parties and ask/talk to him about music. Eventually, I came to realize that this guy just eats, breathes, and lives music. I soon asked him to give me some of the assorted music he listened to and found myself listening to dai songs from various albums. I fell in love with them. The music is innovative, has variety, and overall sounds freaking awesome.

I believe I have every single DAI song and my favorites include:

-Sense of life
-Standing on the hill
& my most fav
-Snail <3333

My fav dai music vids would be:
Be free
Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?

I want to be a part of this forum since Mode always seems to find conversation, entertainment, and pure fun in your community and I feel like I want the same biggrin.gif
good to hear from an outgoing new member like yourself.

I hope you have as much fun here as I have..... more even...

BTW have you checked out the Exposed forum? trying to get some people in there.....

anyway.... nice to have you here.
Tangerine Dreamer
Another "Snail" fan, nice. I was just talking about that song in another thread today. Welcome to the R & R bus!
And way to spread the DoAs love, virile. 8)
That's cool, we have almost the same list of favorites!

Welcome around here! Hope you have fun! =]
welcome new member! pleased to make your acquaintance biggrin.gif

OMG SNAIL!!! I ♥♥♥ SNAIL! biggrin.gif
Kyo Kusanagi
Welcome! Nice to see a newcomer arriving here thanks to a longtime user ^^
Hey!! Welcome to DAI Forum virile's friend!! :mrgreen:

Great to see people spread the DAI Love~ :bunspark:
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