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Full Version: HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC V - HELP!!!!!111
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DAIs Apprentice
ok, I just bought this today and I was uber excited to play it, but whenever i start to play, it exits with an error message that goes something like:

Heroes of Might and Magic V has encountered an error. Please send an error repoort. etc.

does it only support AGP cards? Is that really so? My laptop has a built in Video card. That could be the prob T_T

I'm not sure if this is the problem tho, anyone have similar probs? or possibly any solution? I so wanna play this game T_T

i'm trying to patch it with the 1.1 patch US. hope it worksu T_T

EDIT: Mine's "Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family (128MB)" T_______________T
haha what? that's all the error message says? shouldnt it be more specific as to what the problem is? like.. are you sure it's graphics card?

tho not a might & magic fan, love the HOMM series.. lol 4 was a disappointment.. hope you can enjoy 5 soon.
DAIs Apprentice
Yup, exactly. It doesn't say anything except that it has to close due to an error T_T but I am pretty sure that's it. It only supports any of the two brands, why ubisoft, why???

really? IV is that bad? I'm gonna borrow me friend's copy to test it tomorrow before considering getting one ^__^

V is so naisu. I so wanna play it T___T I hate you, UBISOFT! *sob*

well, now I swapped it for Warhammer 40K: Dawn of war (Winter Assault) and LOTR : Battle for Middle-Earth

so far, these two runs great!
ya i believe it only supports a few types of the graphic card at the time of release, i can only say that its a rushed project like many other people.
But its still good cause i'm still playing it~
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