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Full Version: .Hack\Roots
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Ban Chan Fan
Anyone else currently following this one... I am enjoying it so far... although its not as good as sign was... For those of you who dont know... this series takes place a couple of years after .Hack\Quarantine and if you never played the game... many elements from this anime might not make sense.
Yeah...I haven't played any of the games (I want to though! ;_;) but I am following this series anyway. It's good, took awhile to actually get somewhere though.
I'm following it, but I'm quite disappointed sad.gif The music, fight animation is very poor. I guess it was unfair to think it would be comparable to hack//sign
Ban Chan Fan
Too bad it got liscenesed and most of the subbers dropped it sad.gif
I downloaded episode 15 and found out that a particular fansub grp doesn't care anymore. I don't remember them using that kind of language in previous episodes...... pawned & n00b for example (yea that's how they spelt it). I've given up on this series sleep.gif

Nice to see Subaru voicing Shino though.
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