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Full Version: PS3 Thread
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I figure since there isn't an official one, I'd start it.

Is anyone here planning on getting it?
What games are you looking forward to getting?
Will this do better than the XBOX 360?
Is anyone here planning on getting it? I want one but can't afford one.
What games are you looking forward to getting? FFXIII! biggrin.gif
Will this do better than the XBOX 360? No idea.
I will be getting one, but I won't be getting it on the day it comes out. xD And the games that I want won't be releasing on the PS3 launch date, so I will wait. And the price might go low, who knows. :mrgreen:

I will be looking forward to Tekken 6 and FFXIII as well. And I also have no idea if it will be better than the XBOX 360. xD
I'll wait for a price dip, and for all of the really great games to start coming before I get one. I'm looking forward to MGS4, FFXIII (just the main one), and Resistance: Fall of Man.
wtf is with this blue ray crap.. >_< blergh.

(will def buy one)
Sony is stupid. There is no reason that they should have a system that launches at $600. That is just horrible. I want a PS3 and was going to get it early on, but because of the price I won't be getting one for a very long time. Hopefully the price will be good by the time Kingdom Hearts III is ready (Assuming that there will be a Kingdom Hearts III. If there won't be, then I don't think I want a PS3).
I wouldn't be surprised to see a price drop as the launch date approaches. If not, then I can wait, cuz there are a ton of PS2 games I still wanna play.

Also, Assassin's Creed is my number one most wanted game.
Kyo Kusanagi
I will definitely buy a PS3 (TALES OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF!!! I' m sure the series is gonna continue on the new Sony console), but I wanna wait about a year from its launch, because I noticed that when console technology advances the chances to have a malfunctioning console slightly increase, and obviously I would like the price to drop.
cool kids buy PS3. therefore if you wanna be cool, get a PS3.

lol honestly speaking, I myself find the price to be a bit too much for the average gamer. 800 or so dollars plus tax is a bit too much for unproven technology. You'll definitely get your moneys worth on the gaming side of the deal but the blu ray part is the iffy part.

I'll still be getting one tho, just cause it's the only system where I can play MGS and FFXIII. (Really the only games I'm looking forward to)
DAI World Order

i thought the only games you want to play are MGS and VF? lol

as the honest gamer that I am.... laugh.gif .....i'm a heavy leaner towards specs so i'll say the PS3 is a great deal if you want to a blu-ray player plus the equivalent power of the 360. If blu-ray fails, you can still play games on it, unlike a standalone player.

But if you are afraid of adopting unproven tech, just get a 360 cause I'm sure it's gonna drop in price by November and they'll even release an HD-DVD player as a separate accessory.

As far as games go, established games doesn't always equal quality and the Xbox proved that with games such as KOTOR, PGR, Forza Motorsport Halo and Splinter Cell. My suggestion is get a 360 or a Wii60 first cause it will have have more titles than the PS3 when it comes out. But if you aren't convinced about the 360 and want to be safe by playing the established games like Genji 2 and RIDGEEEEEE RACERRRRRRRRR then get that. biggrin.gif

don't take my word for it, just watch this video of Kevin Spacey's opinion on the PS3.
hehe I forgot about VF. VF5 is going to be the shit.

As far as established quality games go, you'll definitely find more on the PS3. not just "Genji 2 and RIDGEEEEEE RACERRRRRRRRR".

I'm not saying the 360 wont have any but the PS3 definitely will have more.

PS. Ridge Racer is teh shit. The one on the 360 is quite fun.
I'll be getting one, but not right away. The people at Sony must be on crack. :shock: $600...!? Anyway, I really wanna play Tekken 6 and FFXIII too~. Hopefully it won't cost a lot a year or two after its release. biggrin.gif
Real time weapon change....

It is rumored, again, rumored, that there will be a new handheld by playstation, and it will include a touch screen.... If this is true, Playstation has crossed the line...

Well, from now on, I've been supporting Nintendo 100%. Hugs DS lite.

DAI World Order
now Dina, don't be dissing real time weapon change. As a big supporter of high spec machines, even though the 360 has about the same power as the PS3 but it's the power of the cell that makes real time weapon change possible cause it has a more complex architecture. After watching the Genji 2 demo, I was disappointed with MS for the first time cause their console isn't capable of real time weapon change. Ignore what happened in Ninja Gaiden cause that doesn't count....I dunno why but just leave it that way. Genji 2 r0x0rs man! LOL j/k

And Riiiiidge Racer 7 is gonna rock the hell outta PGR4 or Mario Kart. I'm even gonna get the collectors edition with the Sony CEO Ridge Racer boot screen.
laugh.gif laugh.gif
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