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Full Version: Basara 2
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hmmmmm well it looks like Tomikos Brave will be featured IN the new ps2 game Basara, not sure exactly with the details about it but that is what they have under the site, there also be with High and Mighty Color song featured within the game.

check it out
Yeah, Tomiko's "Brave" will be in the game for Sengoku's BASARA 2. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR's "DIVE into YOURSELF" is the commercial theme song. It's not actually in the game.
yea thats it XD LOL

but by the looks of the game i think nue no naku yoru would fit it but meh XD as long as tomikos song is in it its all good.
Kyo Kusanagi
That game looks great to me, and getting to know Brave will be in the game makes me happier! ^^
Hey..the game looks great...i hope i can find it...only for brave :foxxd:
Kyo Kusanagi
Ah, does anyone know what place Brave has in the soundtrack? I think it' s gonna be the final credits song.
Brave is played during one of the opening movies...

I know because I own the game.
Kyo Kusanagi
Just seen on' stunning *_*
Thank you for the information ^^
QUOTE(Kyo Kusanagi)
Just seen on' stunning *_*
Thank you for the information ^^

youtube? do you have the video linK? biggrin.gif
Kyo Kusanagi
Here you are ^^
Wow. No offense to Tomiko, but I don't really feel her song should be in this game. It's just that the game just looks like another hack and slash just like N3. I don't remember there being very deep stories in beat 'em ups.

Don't get me wrong, I love Tomiko's music, but with this game... I just dunno.
Thanks to this thread, I finally found out the song that I remember hearing when I was in Japan. When they showed the commercial for the game, this song played and I remember asking myself "Wow...who sang this song?"
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