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Full Version: Opinion on these animes?
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Heya all! I just got an influx of anime from friends and i was wondering if you could help me distinguish any that you thought were particularly great or terribly bad:
Psychic Academy
Green Green
Tokyo Underground
Cinderella Boy

For me personally, i'm not sure how many of these are gonna be girly (got them off a female friend) so hopefully not too many tongue.gif

Thanks in advance for anyone who puts up their opinions!
what type of anime do you like? these ones are sorta.. on the shoujo side? not that much action. i was disappointed with psychic academy. i liked the manga.. but then i dunno, maybe i just got sick of it? the art's not that good.

i heard really good things about tokyo underground tho ^^
I only know about Tokyo Underground. Watched it to the end and quite disappointed. It's a classical story, classical char. design, quite fun.
So, an average anime ^^
i haven't seen green green, but my friend did and told me it was funny.
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