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Full Version: Question: Ban-chan Michelle Branch Duet?
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Hey Die Hard DAI fans, got a question for ya. I looked for a question thread, but it seems the norm to start a new thread for each question.
So here we go.

I do a podcast (Jpop Blast) and I have been requested by a listener to play a duet by Tomiko Van and Michelle Branch, the American Singer. Now I have never heard of this before, and from some research I came up with nothing apart from a little on Wiki about a photo shoot of the two.

If there is a Duet, by Van and Branch, what is the name of the song? And where might I find it so to play on the show. Thanks Robbie

Oh, and if you havn't listened to my DAI tribute show, from back when they split, check it out at

I'm 100% certain that Michelle and Ban-chan didn't record a song. Maybe that person thought there was such a song because they saw the picture of the two.

But yeah, if there was such a song, someone on here would know about it. No one knows about it=doesn't exist XD it's simple math.

Ooh!! Cool, I'm downloading the DoAs podcast right now! ^__^
You could call it a duet but principally it involves a bed and a camera
You could call it a duet but principally it involves a bed and a camera

this can turn out to be something else... 8)

anyway, no duet yet for them both. Though i'd like to see that happening in the future. it'dbe nice to hear Ban Chan singing in half English/Japanese and michelle in Japanese
omg! u do jpop blast? user posted image
Kyo Kusanagi
You could call it a duet but principally it involves a bed and a camera

this can turn out to be something else... 8)

I would have written it if you didn' t do it XD How malicious I am, lol biggrin.gif
Are Ban-chan and Michelle Branch friends or did they just met when DAI went to the USA? If they' re friends a duet, or at least if they know each other enough, a duet would be nice ^^
It happened when Michelle was touring in Japan. Not sure how they met, but someone said something about Michelle shopping for music in Japan and asking the clerk what was good. They said Do As Infinity. Maybe it started from there. *shrug*
Kyo Kusanagi
Thank you for correcting me smile.gif That clerk has very good taste in music biggrin.gif
Hey Guys, thanks for all the useful feedback. My suspisions were correct. Interesting story about how they met and all. I was just speaking to Mara, who gave me some more information about the interview. Great story.

As I can't play the song, I can at least debunk the rumour on the next episode of Jpop Blast.

So yeah, it is me who does JPB. It isn't anything special.

That's cool how they met..I wish I was Michelle..
So do I but only to take a picture like that with Tomiko
lol i posted the picture on the wiki tongue.gif too late to answer anyways... haha i wish i was in between both of them and take the pic! :foxx:
i dont think michelle branch knoes who is ban .. =.=..
I wanna see this picture sad.gif
user posted image
That's neat. Tomiko with short hair and Michelle before she got all tattooed biggrin.gif
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