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Full Version: Cannot Copy Flower
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Lol, i mentioned before that there was that symbol on "Farewell" that was the same on the DAI discs...the "copy control". Well, that same japanese symbol is on the "Flower" single.

I want to copy it for my backup copy, and technically that is fair use since i am not distrobuting it or anything...but it is not letting me! ohmy.gif it keeps on failing. i did a simulation burn and it passed the sim. but it didn't pass the actual burn :cry:

help? (omg, the copy control is ACTUALLY WORKING user posted image

btw, i have a scanner...and it is the cd+dvd version
Did you try using EAC?
I used MP3 CD Convert. It works well.
well, all i just want is to copy directly from the cd without creating an image on my hard drive.

EAC is great 8) ...but i did not use it to burn it

finally, my backup copy burnt! 8) what was the problem? the medium i was burning it on user posted image


yet another situation where memorex was bad for me user posted image
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