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Full Version: 1st Ban-chan's single poll!
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my favorite song is BRAVE!!! :bunlove:
Kyo Kusanagi
Brave. I love both songs, but Brave has that something which stroke my heart...
I like Flower better than Brave a lot, I don't know why. It doesn't mean that Brave isn't nice, it's nice ^.^ but Ban's voice sounds so lively in Flower, it makes me happy ^.^
Both of the songs are good!!
Flower is catchier but I like her voice better in Brave.
How to choose? T__T

I picked Brave because that slide she does with her voice is just so cute...
By now, Flower. (the long version is impressive) *waiting for the full PV*

Brave has a great intro and the instrumental part is awesome but I'm not totally happy with the chorus.

Overall: It's a nice beginning. wink.gif
I have to go with Flower.

TangeRaven: !! Sorry I said the slide was corny. I didn't mean it to be taken so negatively, though I do think it was not a hip stylistic choice. That's all I meant: it seemed like a break with some kind of decorum (and certainly it was a innovation to Banban's vocals) so I was surprised but not unpleasantly.
I prefer flower, or rather, let's say it's the song that stays more in my mind after listening. But brave is a good song too. Overall, her first single is good.
I like both, Flower is great...and i think that Brave will make a great live.
In general i liked the single ^^
both of them are great... hard to choose but I pick Flower because it's much happier =)
Flowa! biggrin.gif
I really enjoyed this single, and I can't seem to choose one... >.<

I like both~ :foxhi:
Flower! I play it when I wake up and I feel ready to start my day even during the midst of finals!
i chose flower, brave isnt a bad song but it isnt as catchy and rememorable as flower, like u cant pick up the melody so well and its quite slow compared to flower
I simply LOVE both of them but I voted Brave.
I love the feeling! Flower makes you fell really happy, but Brave has such a mysterious aura... wow. It makes me want to use it for a story of mine. it matches.
I prefer flower. Bravery's chorus is kinda too loud suddenly.

it's more upbeat and sounds nicer than Brave to me.
I also love both songs on the album and think it's a great beginning in Tomiko's career, but I voted for Flower, because I love listening to it in full volume in my mp3 player...
It makes me wanna jump xD
i really like both songs, but [Brave] is the one i love more. something about the drums and stuff. kind of reminds me of the drums in Ayu's [Born To Be...], and i LOVE those types of songs.

when i listen to [Brave], it feels so...i don't know...the feeling you get when you're standing on top of a mountain on a great day and you feel like flying. it give you such a liberating feeling.

and it's so liberating and moving when i listen to it and especially if i sing it. when you sing it and i'm sure when Ban-chan sung it, you can let everything out. it makes the song sound stronger.

i think it's the powerful drums. kind of sounds tribal or something. XD i get the same feeling when i listen to [Circle of Life]. biggrin.gif
Joyce Welch
Both songs r great~~~I prefer <Flower>,'cause it's more active~lol.

looking forward to the next single......
I prefer flower,because it reminds to do as infinity
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