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Full Version: Space Cowboy Online
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For those of you who played Flyff, they bring you Space Cowboy Online (SCO). Much better than Flyff - it is action with RPG elements. You can use your original Flyff account to play. If you want to play you can find me playing on ANI's side!

Official Site
Fan Forum with info and such
wow this looks amazing.. is it free? ^^ hehehe
Yup this is free to play for life. They use the cash shop to make money which isn't implemented yet.
ahhh.. after exams i'll look at this. i have too many free online games to play. havent touched maple story for ages
LOL I gave up Maple Story...the grinding is really that fun and I don't think I want to get any higher than I already am since really all that's different is some new skills / weapons / armors / etc.

This is more "action" based so it'll take a while to get tired of this.
yeah i know.. but doesnt it feel like a waste? i've amassed about 10mill, money and all the items on my characters.. i'm still hanging on to it in case one day i pick it up again.
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