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having become a member since about 8 months ago...i forgot to do this one...

my name is maikel..(same as pronouncing michael) quickly turning 20, male, indonesian
currrently living in nickname is an arabic language and if im not literally means "light"..
i become a DAI fanatic since Y&T and accidentally heard the wonderful voice of ban chan on tv and eventually bought all the cd's
i love to listen japanese songs::...usually my favorite japanese bands/singers beside DAI are GLAY, ketsumeishi, ayumi hamasaki, larc en ciel..
currently owned a lot of meangful DAI albums and dvd and vcd.. i rarely download DAI stuff from the internet because my internet is a dial up and it's slow+lame+easily disconnected by the server (nightmare)
it's nice to meet alot of DAI fan across the globe and sharing the same hobbies about them(DAI)..
i could understand a little bit of mandarin but i still have a big problem to translate DAI song lyrics because most of the DAI stuff i bought are from taiwan..
----------------the end-----------------
Hello Maikel!!!~ :foxhi:
Welcome to DAI Forum!! Hope you enjoy your stay. :mrgreen:
Took me a little less longer than that...

None the less, welcome!
Wow another fan from Sydney, welcome!
for infinityFX : i live around city in there any other sydney fans?

hehe..i'm welcomed in here..thank u
currently i heard i miss you? from tribute to NANA album
it a wonderful song...
who encode all the clips from is he the same ainouta in this forum? i should say thank you because i got the susume namake mono song from there
i also know stovila 2 years ago i think.. still remember me? you used to live in surabaya/semarang/yogya if i not wrong recalling my memories..
Hey Effendi! Sorry for the late welcome...

Welcome!! :foxhi:
welcome abroad...

selamat datang ke forum DAI, semoga anda dapat menikmati pelbagai kemudahan yang diberi oleh para para ahli daiforumer's
for sea-anemones: banyak orang indo y di dai forum?

thank you for all the greetings..i'm pleased if i could chat with you all
for infinityFX : i live around city in there any other sydney fans?

I dont think theres many on this forum, but i kno a lot of friends who do listen to DAI...sometimes we'll sing DoAs songs at K lol

Btw i guess ur in Sydney for uni?
saya dari malaysia tapi boleh berinteraksi.. kebarangkalian indo di forum ini adalah 20% dari jumlah ahli yang berdaftar.
yeah i'm here for uni currently studyin in UNSW
after i graduate maybe i'll back to indo
how bout you InfinityFX?
I'm at Macquarie Uni.
Wot r u studyin? How do u find Australia?
i''m studying material science and engineering rightnow
a bit hard and less popular than any other courses..
i found australia is a nice and cleaner country than indo and safe to lurking around at night unlike jakarta which is potentially very dangerous if you done that. but all of the things in here more expensive than jakarta
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