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Full Version: Final Fantasy XII - neone played?
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Has anyone got it yet? It saw the opening movie...kinda spoiled it for myself i guess but i'm really hoping that the gameplay and the story will make up for my mistake hehe tongue.gif Last final fantasy eva...*sniff sniff*
If anyone has played it yet, i'd be glad to hear from ya what u think of it!
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my mate has that......he has a mod chip on his ps2.....he got the game from malasyia i think.....but the whole game is in its big bummer coz he ant jap and he doesnt know wat to do.....he told me that only the japanese version is out even a bigger bummer that its not gonna have an english version for a while....
whoa, it's out in US already?! O__o oh, haha, just read it'll be released in october. that gives me plenty of time. -__- i played the demo that came with dragon quest though... i still have to get used to the battle system. =
I played the early demo of it. It seems fun-the art style of the area I was in was very Chrono Cross-looking (it looks like Opassa Beach in CC). It's neat how you can run around and fight, like FFXI, but the battle system seems a bit simplistic. It's likely that was just a case of being just a demo. At one point, a huge dinosaue-looking beast comes after you, and instead of feeling like a hige boss fight, like something you'd see in FFX, it just felt kinda...there.

But I wanna grab the demo again and get some more time with it. The game really does look good. smile.gif
last final fantasy? what about the spin offs planned? they recently announced a final fantasy... FOR XBOX 360!!! to be released in 2007, most probably going to be revealed in the coming E3
I hadn't heard that this would be the last one. I have a feeling that it won't be. I think they should stop soon, but I highly doubt they will. Silly, Square Enix.

I haven't had a chance to play the XII demo or anything yet, but I'm really excited for it to come out. It looks like it will be amazing.
Why should they stop? Each one of the FF games helps innovate and is really incredible. As long as they all don't get spin-offs, I'll be okay. smile.gif

FFXIII is rumored to make an E3 appearance. o.o"
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