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You know, I don't think I ever poked my head in here...

Eh, oh well, better late than neva.

Where to start?

Well, my name is Bryan. I'm 16 (turning 60 - or so i've been told) [17 in July] and i'm currently enjoying life as it goes. For the most part, i'm your standard wise-ass teen with added twist of some actual self respect to keep my pants above my knees.

I hate rap music above all else. All it does is prove that just about anyone can get a recording deal (which in the long run makes DAI just that much better).

I've been a DAI fan since I heard a cover band play at a festival in 2002. And thanks to my little obsession, I currently own about 25.6 gigs worth of DAI related pics/vids/songs. And that will probably grow within the next few months as I find new stuff.

As of late 2005 I know play with a cover band called Moon of Ice. We do mostly DAI but we also create our own and play other stuff. I'm not the best guitarist out there (hell, i'm shadowed out by most of the people here) but that doesn't really bother me. I play to play - not for the money or any of that other crap. [And if your wondering how I play DAI while still not being good at guitar - it doesn't take much for power chords and a few finger techs that i've picked up. Besides, enough pratice and I can get just about any song right.]

I recently stopped my piano lession. The place I go to kept changing my teacher too often and it's a total pain.

I have 3 ex girlfriends.

One left me for 'better oppurtunites'.
Another for her own ex.

And the third one cheated on me several times. (It's also worthy to note that after we broke up - she moved with her family out to L.A and then drove her car into the back of a 18 wheeler on the interstate.)

I'm currently dating Krystal, and I really think this one will last. She's nice, smart, and all around perfect. We get along and only really fight when she feels her monthy need to (P)unish (M)en (S)everly. She's also the singer for the cover band.

She pratically lives with me right now ever since she got kicked out of her house because of the fact she was dating me.

I work at a place called D-Platoon Counter Terrorism. I used to spend alot of time down at the local shooting range with my cousin and a recruiter picked me up. I don't do much field work other than working with the local police on patrol since the locals are a little bit short handed.

I specialize in weapons and intel. I'm no where near specialized in hand-2-hand CQC since it requires a certain amount of handy work i've yet to achive.

My co-workers are my family. (My second family is my bio-family since we don't see eye-2-eye very much). If it wasn't for my co-workers I would be truly more screwed up than I am now. They take me in when I need to get away and they always welcome me without question. I really wouldn't trust my life to anyone else.

DAI appeals to me most because it's music with reason. There's a story or a poem in just about every song. You may have to look, but it's there.

My favorate TV shows would have to be NCIS, CSI: LV, and Ghost Hunters (aka - TAPS).

Fav bands/artists: DAI, Death Cab for Cutie, Tomiko Van, and M.I.

The reason for my screen name here is a little bit obvious. Hanyou, meaning half-demon, is centered at my beliefe that everyone has a ying and yang thing going on. Good (Human) and Evil (Demon) - the center part would be the Half-Demon (thus, Hanyou), all this says is that i'm not perfect. DCTU is based off the place I work at (D)-Platoon ©ounter (T)errorism (U)unit.

That's all there really is to know about me.

Wow - that was long overdue.

Wow - that was long overdue.

And Welcome! biggrin.gif
And you forgot that you are now member of the daiforum's tech team :wink:

Welcome :wave:

The reason for my screen name here is a little bit obvious. Hanyou, meaning half-demon, is centered at my beliefe that everyone has a ying and yang thing going on. Good (Human) and Evil (Demon) - the center part would be the Half-Demon (thus, Hanyou), all this says is that i'm not perfect.  

awes, i like that part... ^^

thank you for unveling that part of you Hanyou...and welcome again ^^ :wave:
lol...pleased to meet u... feel officially welcome to forum and thanx for all the efforts as tech team u have done...the way tech team helped daiforum , showed the huge hearts this ppl have biggrin.gif

me ------> 20/f/...currently living in OH, born in Peru .-.
Thanks a bunch guys :!:
Hi Bryan haha!! Nice to meet you again ^_~
LoL Welcome Hanyou! :bunspark:
LMAO, Hi Hanyou!!

Welcome to DAI Forum!! Hahahah :rolling:
I really enjoyed reading your introduction. smile.gif


And I heard those songs that you posted of your band.. and WOW you guys are amazing!!

Nice to formally meet you! happy.gif
welcome again HanyouDCTU! :wink:
Yea, I hate rap music but I like Death Cab for Cutie too.
Yea, I hate rap music but I like Death Cab for Cutie too.

Isn't rap the most retarted thing ever?
Yea, I hate rap music but I like Death Cab for Cutie too.

Isn't rap the most retarted thing ever?

I have to agree, they are producing noise. Lol.
On that thought... I would just love to make 13 grand a song if all I had to do was stand infront of a mic with a snare drum playing and just go. "Yo, fuk this shit, yo".

Then again - i'm getting a high school degree...
Rap bugs me to no end... I agree with you. It makes it look like anyone who can cuss up a storm can get a freaking record deal. Sigh, some people are beginning to lose the true meaning of real music...

yeah most rap and hip hop sucks. it's a total destruction of the original, 30+ year old "Rhythm And Poetry" concept of the Sugarhill Gang.

but sometimes there are gems to be found putting aside all the mainstream shit on MTV. Personally, I take a liking to underground sociopolitically charged hiphop. Where there are no music videos, no bling bling, no hoes with round asses, just a straight up MCs with a message.
Cool I got broken up w/ for her ex once too. But I think they're still together (four years minus me and this one other guy as interruptions) so good for them.

I like bling and music videos and hoes but not mixed together. As for rap don't really care. Iz a good idea for people who can't otherwise get a great literary and musical education (granted that's most people on our troubled planet)

I don't think commercial rap is particularly more vulgar than the lowest common denominator in other commercial music. Its vulgarity is just less mystified.

So much bashing on rap music.

There are good rap songs out there that have "meaning" (I used the word meaning because from what i've read of the posts here, the views on rap are all about bling, cussing and all that shit)

I can name a TON of rap songs that have "meaning", not just "Yo, fuk this shit, yo". Just because there are excessive cussing in these songs, it doesnt mean it doesnt have meaning. Even 50 Cent (oh noez?! 50 Cent!?!) have a couple of songs that have meaning to them.

I partly agree on having no good rap songs, only partly because there are no good rap artists out there RIGHT NOW. Stroll back 2-3 years and you'll find some quality songs. As Virile suggested, underground rap have a lot of artists that have a message they want people to hear.


Protip: Tune in to other stations other than MTV and do a little more research on certain mainstream artists.
and Immortal Technique and his peers for teh win.

besides, even 50 cent had to start underground, and back then I'm sure he had a message. I think he's just a little blinded by the neon lights right now... well for a while...

Anyways, looking for good hiphop on mtv which just plays singles(which are meant to be catchy and frivolous for the most part), is kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack. Although I'm pretty glad that acts that I've been following for years have gained some popularity, like Mos Def, Common and Talib Kweli.

for me, it's underground, classic, or truly good mainstream.
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!
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