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Hehe, sorry to create a thread like this, but does anyone still play Diablo II? Haha, and would anyone like to play with me on this very very old game?
i still play!! but i play single player cuz i *cough* "lost" my original cd and serial. hehe plus it's a lot easier to mule items using ATMA happy.gif want some items or sets? hahaha
hahah, OOOO I'm telling... haha j/k. Hmm' I was wondering if you had trangoul set? or the sigon helm and armor? Haha, I used to play a long time ago, but now I'm so out of it and I my old account got deleted. I have to start all over from scratch...
as i remember i have the signon set and most of the trangoul set.. i'll check and send to you when i get home.. you know how to use ATMA yeah?
DAIs Apprentice
i do i do i do!!!!111 tongue.gif

hmmm how do we play on9? Do you play @ battlenet? i think we can play through direct tcp/ip linkage or something :dunno:

we play diablo 2 : Lord of Destruction via Wirless LAN here at homsu with me sis and cousins on weekends ^^

we got a new gamesu tu. It's called "Sacred" It's a very huge improvement over what Diablo has started. You should try it :wink:

here's the linky plus review of SACRED

I have a Curser Necromancer @ Lvl 47 and an Army Necromancer at 35 ^^ oh yeah, and Sigon's Complete steel rocksu! Though you'll have to have STR of 80 to use it.

I love de Necromancer... he's soo ebil hehehe :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
I have:
lvl78 skellymancer
lvl64 strafazon

I'm having a bit of trouble in hell with the strafazon.. my merc seems to die a lot faster than my necro merc but they're identical pretty much, armor set a little different. bosses are also hard to take down, even tho my valk tanks everything fine.. i think i just need a better bow with some killing blow.

but yeah, let's play over tcp/ip..

my email is [email protected]

oh and give me your email so i can send you the Signon set
DAIs Apprentice
waw u been playin hard hehehe! 8)

skellymancer is great with mobs :twisted:

ohoh! how do we play via tcp/ip overseas? i dunno howsu :shock:
Man, i wish I could play with you guys, my smiter paladin is pretty weak right now, I need better items, it's ok for the items, I found pretty decent ones. So far I'm lvl 80 in hell doing baal runs. MUST FIND RARES.

Is it just me or does Act two the worst act out of all of the acts.
DAIs Apprentice
i hate act 3 coz the map's hard to decode T_T

act 5 is me fave. ^^ well mebe we could play via tcp overseas tho i'm not sure if that's possible or if it is, will have any charges

wow level 80 hehe! i was pretty tired when i got to 47 coz it took way too long to level up again alone. D2 is no fun playing alone T_T good thing i got WLAN setup heresu and so we can play multiplayer ^^
you gotta find the IP.. but.. i'm not sure how router IPs affect diablo gameplay... but yes, it'd be safer to talk about IPs over msn or something. add me us!! we'll power level your 40 something character to hell ^^

personally i hate any place that has Gloams or Fetishes.. sleep.gif Act 3 heading towards Meph.. fetishes extremely bad for my amazon.. and gloams, once i died 8 times trying to retrieve my body when i accidentally opened an evil urn full of gloams in act 5.. that was insane, but yeah.. any other sets? i'll start playing again this wkend perhaps
Oh, i hate those ghost monsters that shoot lightning and disappear. Omg, I just mind my own business, and I usually get zapped by those things and die because I don't have enough resistance from not doing the Anya Quests. Unfortunately a bad thing happened to my pally, apparantly he "popped" and lost all the items he was wearing, but luckily a generous person gave me even better stuff, so all in all, it wasn't that bad :D

The reason why I leveled so high was because I leeched from other players who did Baal Runs, yep, with a straw even. There aren't any servers out there across the pacific?

One time my friend from australia tried connecting from here in the states back to his home area, however the internet lagged like hell. It was just like the good ol' days of Prodigy...
mm yeah australian connection is not too good.. but... i have cable so it might be ok? dunno.. depends on the time you want to organise a game.. i'll probably be free to do play next wkend.. do you have MSN?
DAIs Apprentice
gahhh, well i have probs wid me phone provide so my dsl is on hold and i'm on dial up at homsu T_T i'd probably drag u wid de lagtime T_T

but yeah de way we do it heresu at home. The host player must give out his ip and this is what other players use to connect at tcp/ip multiplayer game.

when i get me dsl up i'm sure gonna play a lot on9. mebe we could try sacred tuu! :twisted:

add me at msn

[email protected]
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