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Full Version: The introducing of myself :)
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Hello ,

my name is Jason, I'm from germany, 19 years old.

I like it to play on my bass guitar , play computer ( dark age of camelot ), meet with friends and party up my life smile.gif

I'm here just because i searched for "Do as Infinity" ( a very nice bass ) and hmm... I'm one of those people which will anytime in my life visiting Japan.

I like music which is powerful of guitar ( metal, rock, and from Japan - Do as Infinity ) I don't know any more bands from Japan or of J-pop how we say here... But for me is it rock ohmy.gif

I sorry about my english, its not that good one , which it has to be..

here some pictures of me wink.gif

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image
hey welcome to the forum ^^ hope you have lots of fun here!! If you want to check out more artists from japan, go to the EMH! Lots of good stuff can be found there especially new/old artists shared by other forum members biggrin.gif

oh and I'm Jitsu 19/f/peraperashima ^w^
haha i liked that last pic, jason! real silly! =)

welcome to the forum! hope you have fun here! if you want to know more about jmusic, please consider trying some the brilliant green, and l'arc en ciel! and there are lots of stuff up for download at emh too. ^^

have fun during your stay!
Tangerine Dreamer
Welcome to our rock and roll bus!
I'm Tange, 18/f from the U.S.
welcome welcome Jason !!!


hehe nice pictures !!!!!!!!!! I hope you will enjoy yourself here !!! ^0^
welcome!!!! user posted image

I'm Anna/25/f/Italian

can I add you in our name-list for Tomiko Van's birthday message? user posted image

more info: here
hihi, raymond here. singaporean
yeah what a greatful welcome here smile.gif very nice... smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

and to the last pic, i was a little bit drunk wink.gif
we`re played "chill flanken" its a drinking game ( alcohol )
WELCOME!!!! Wow, how many bassists do we have in the forum already?

How do u do! KR/Singapore/23/m

frozen ray
Hi!! Welcome to the Forum!!~ <3
here a picture of my work smile.gif

user posted image
hello & welcome. there are many nice people here.
Welcome Jason! I also play the bass guitar. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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