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Full Version: Full Metal Panic!
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Has anybody watched this? It has some nasty moments (probably to attract different types of viewers), but most of it is really funny and realistic.

My little brother was watching it, but I didn't get interested at first because there were several weird parts that I didn't like.

But, there came the robots, helicopters, missiles, and submarine--> :bunkiss*
I haven't watch it yet..maybe i will ^^
Imaginary Buddie
FMP is cool. You can also check out FMP Fumoffu and FMP: The Second Raid.

FMP's ending could've been better. I thought the anime was typical in many areas like: mech and fan service. But what made me like the series so much was Sagara's constant over-use of military tactics and weapons in civilian areas. Had me laughing on the floor haha.
I've seen all of the 1st, fumoffu, and most of (except 3) 2nd raid. yeah, it was really funny when sagara demands further negotiation with the girl in the relationship game b/c if no common grounds can be achieved, nuclear war will occur. another funny moment is when sagara draws out a gun and aims at the barber because he is cutting his hair with a "dangerous" scissor.
i saw FMP at an anime expo on campus in 2003, it was really cool...fumoffu is on tv u can guess im on the pc....X_x
oooh ive seen fumo and second raid, i have the first season here somewhere, i should really get started on it.

I love the music in the series xD
i saw the episode on iTelligence siggy the other day, gotta admit it was hilarious
T_T any torrent to dl the full series?
Random question but does anyone know what 'fumoffu' means? I don't watch the anime but this is doing my nuts in haha. Thanks. ><
I have every one of them except 3 second raid episodes -thanks to limewire, ha ha ha.

my little brother started it first over the christmas, and i couldn't help getting addicted to it. it's really painful to get it through limewire, though.

i could distribute it, but how? and what is torrent?
yeah the entire series is great!
one of my favourites! I thought fumoffu was great coz it was taken outside of the entire story and just had alot of fun with the characters!
torrent eh?
go to or that's where i got it from and there's still ppl seeding every series
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