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Full Version: Couter-Strike
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone else in daiforum also plays cs. I like playing the game and I am determined to become good at the game. Right now I can only play CS 1.6. I'm still debating wether or not it's wise to get a good enough graphics card for cs source. Although, tournies these days use 1.6 most of the time.
I have it but I can't play because my 5 years old Dell can't do anything. No, don't get another graphics card.

Soon, Windows Vista will be coming out--> better graphics card, processor, games, etc. will be coming out. Right now is not a good time to invest in PC games as much as on consoles.

But I'm not because I have an old Nintendo GameCube with only 1 game: Supersmash
I'd get the graphics card. Fuck Microsoft. and yeah, stick to 1.6 ;P
DAI World Order
screw CS 1.6, get CS Source
oicicic. Boo Microsoft... I love smash bros too... Thas prolly the only game I'd buy a gamecube for also, hehe. Yeah, I guess I'll just stick it out with 1.6.
boo Microsoft? Are you a supporter of Mac? Just remember that Apple is the fruit of contempt. Businessweek gave Microsoft #1 ranking in brand value.

Microsoft is a contradictory logo because the software company is gigantic, although the name supposes that its size is microscopic.
Fruit should stay on trees and out of computers! 'sides, source hitboxes are horible! It said I got a headshot by shooting him in the hand!

1.6 is good - i'm on all the time, normally on one of the KingPin servers since theres always tons of people on them.
I love smash bros too... Thas prolly the only game I'd buy a gamecube for also, hehe.

no Zelda? :-(
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