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Full Version: samurai deeper
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i got the boxset yesterday, and had an all night marathon watching it. its a very good anime, but i think the manga is much better (even though im not finished with that yet). not really action packed, as the fighting is too much fantasy for me, as i perfer something like samurai champloo and ruroni kenshin type fighting (even though kenshin uses a little fantasy in it too.)

anyways, has anyone else seen it? i wanna know what the ending is, as they left the audience to decide the ending, and its killing me.
i didn't finish it yet...but i friggin' luv this manga!!! kyo is a bad @$$!!! XD

also, i kinda prefer the manga over the anime too...
I really liked this anime, it was full of surprises, or maybe I am easily surprised.

But i do agree with the general public that towards the end of the anime, it started to lose its appeal mainly it totally swayed away from reality. Yeah i know its anime, not reality. About the ending i don't really remember any details of it, its been a while and I'm not sure if you want me to spoil the ending for you.

One of my favourite aspects of this anime is mibu kyoshiro (did i spell that right?) pretends to be a fool while that is far from the case, he actually fools everyone.

well, the ending is kyo and kyoshiro fighting. one of them goes down, then a shadow emerges from the fog. its not known who won, and who yuya is living her life with now. it could be either. i dont know. i hate animes that end that way, i like definate answers. its driving me nuts. im pretty sure its kyo who wins though... :dunno:
DAIs Apprentice
seen it yes abt 2 years ago i think. I liked it although as opposed to the manga (which is most of the time better than the series) it's a bit dissapointing.

Is there any unabridged series taken from a manga??? :roll: coz that's what i want and most fans too.

I mean it's a samurai series, battles could be better. I think the animators got a little lazy on some of the episodes.

as for my analysis on the ending. I think Kyo won, stayed on the body errr... i hate those endings.
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