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hi i am raymond, and i am a new member though not new to this forum. greatest website i ever stumbled upon, look forward to getting to know more of the do as infinity die-hards . my email: [email protected] , add me to msn. i'm always waiting to noe more about the development of do as infinity(well at least know more about their individual career from now on) :buncry: information is quite slow over here in singapore, so i became very reliant on this website. i wish all my new found friends happiness. i wish dai succesfulness.

raymond aka heartbreak, awaiting the break of dawn
ur a singaporean? hi! i'm a malaysian, ur neighbour, well not really coz i'm over at Sarawak. :rolling:

anyway, yoroshiku! :bigthumb:

have fun here and glad to meet you! :wave:

But im sorry to say Do As Infinity is no more

wasup! welcome to the forum! XD :wave:
DAIs Apprentice
welcome! ^^

Do as Rocks on!
err... a noob question here, ok, i admit i am quite com illiterate. how do i set up an avatar?
Welcome ^__^

I'm from Brazil, nice to meet you


go in My Controls o.o in the top
WELCOME!!!! I'm from Singapore too! I've just returned recently from Japan after watching the final live of DAI in Budokan!!!! :wave:

Nice to meet u!!!! :wave:
Hey heart_break! I'm Singaporean too! :rolling: Yeah our Singaporean representative Mr Kirin_Rammer flew to Japan to catch their last concert :grin:

24/m here , by the way :wave:
Welcome!!!!!!!!!! :bigthumb: :wave:
WELCOME~!!! Added u on msn~ :wave:
so happy to see so many replies. i'm m/17 by the way. anyway, the 1st post was crap, i placed a www. in front of my email. ROFL. sorry, wow, i realli envied those who have been able to catch dai final i can only await for my preorder of my dvd to arrive. another question, wat does the word noob below my nick and those stars below my nick, wat do they represent?
Lets just say the more u post, the more stars u get. :grin:

Oh, u can edit ur own post as well. :wink:
hi! welcome to the forum! i'll add you to my msn list. happy.gif hope you stay on the r&r bus and have fun while you're at it!!!

:wave: :wave:
Hello, good day! *shakes your hand*
err... a noob question here, ok, i admit i am quite com illiterate. how do i set up an avatar?

welcome Raymond!!!!!! :wave:

For avatar setting: click on "my control", it's on the top right corner of the daiforum board. then clikc on "edit avatar settings", and follow the instructions !! and if any problems, feel free to ask me ! ^^ :wave: :wave: :wave:
welcome to DAI forum raymond! feel free to add too! pm for it...actually, everyone feel free to add rolling.gif
Me 20/f lives in US but i was born in Peru, where ill spend xmas~

enjoy your stay in the forum! :wave: :grin:
hello !!!

Enjoy your stay here okay!


Whoo! More and more sg forumers. Cool!
hello fellow singaporean 20/m/SG lmao
hello..but im malaysian...=(
oh cool cool, i've made many new frens here during my 1st month here. and yes! finally i posted enuff to get rid of tt irritating noob tag...

s-a: theres nothing wrong with being malaysian, dun be sad. we are all cool ppl here at the daiforum.
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