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I've been welcomed here so warmly and I always felt like home when I tipped the URL of the forum into my explorer after a hard school day. I've been here for only a few months, but felt nevertheless accepted. And most important reason I stayed because I made friends for life...Johanna, Felipe, William, Gisella, ANNA, inuchan and others...Do As Infinity has ended...and even though it makes me as sad as their disbanding, I'll be leaving DAIforum from January 1 on~ maybe for only a time or forever. There have been thinks I can't take anymore and I will not say what kind of...but I thank you already that I was able to be a part of this. Like Banchan would say...

Hontou ni, hontou ni, hontou ni arigattou gozaimashita~!!!!

user posted image

Each paths are connected...maybe we'll see again afterwards :bigthumb:

Thank you all~!!! :buncry:
buuuut whyyy????????

:buncry: :buncry: :buncry:

we've only just met :buncry: least theres still time. So lets let the good times roll.
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo~ :buncry:

*clings to Mara-chan* :buncry: :buncry: :buncry:
*hugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugshugs* :buncry:

You can't leave us! :tear:
mara mara...are u ok? why are u leaving us? :cry:

I did not understand yet ç_ç

why mara-chan?

Well, whe have msn..we can still talk .-.
no marachan! why!!! :buncry: i won't let you leave! but if you do... please keep going on msn so we can talk.

you're my friend for life too!!! :buncry: :buncry: :buncry: -hugs-
Das ist wirklich traurig...aber wenn du meinst...kann man halt net ändern...

Sayonara Mara-chan! :buncry:
Why do you have to go? Are you trying to move on with life like DAI? :buncry: We barely know each other.
aw, how come?

well, you're always welcome back. :wave:
:buncry: :buncry: :buncry: :buncry: :buncry:

we'll miss ya! please drop by every now and then!
aw, that's kinda sad...but i guess if you have your reasons...

i just hope it's not permanent and hope you still visit every now and then...

thanx again for your raven! happy.gif see ? now you're gonna have to visit again to download the album! :rolling:

jya mata ne!

you'll come back, I know it!

but if you dont, good luck in life! laugh.gif
DAIs Apprentice
you'll come back soon! :wave: I mean it doesn;t mean if they disband, it's all over. ^^
Oh, not u too!? :buncry:

I'm sure u have ur reasons. but don worry, i know u will be back... for sure.... :bigthumb:
Good bye! Best wishes in everything you do! The Daiforum door will always be opened for you. Do come back once DAI comes back! :bunlove:
For now on, I'll be gone, I'm in stress and won't be able to pop in again~ :buncry: :buncry: :buncry:
I wish everyone a Merry Chrismukkah (or whatever you celebrate) and a happy new year~!!!!! :bunpom: :bunpom: :bunpom:


awh, though I don't think I know you very well but I know I will miss you. But if after this stressful period you have time to come back to relax or during this period you need to relax here, we will be waiting patiently happy.gif

Being one of the older people that have loved Do as Infinity over the years (4 or 5 i think), and having various ups and downs in life as well as "obsession" wise, I understand that stuff happens and I wish you the best in your future endeavors. :grin:
frozen ray
nooooo!! :buncry: will i still be able to c u at your Yuna forum?? :dunno:
Have fun guys happy.gif I hope I can come back someday but for now the things that made me write the first post comes back again even more heavy~ bai bai happy.gif~ see yaa

love, marachan
Have fun guys happy.gif I hope I can come back someday but for now the things that made me write the first post comes back again even more heavy~ bai bai happy.gif~ see yaa

love, marachan

Don't run away in my birthday's day! T_T

anyway, if you have to go, it was a great pleasure to know you! You are a special person for each of us! Don't forget us! Sayonara mara-chan! T_T T_T T_T
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