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Yo guys.

Any of you guys watched Elfen Lied? i just stumbled across some info about it, and now i'm really really interested. The story sounds sweet, and it looks to be totally unique and special. So with that in mind, i really have no reason to not check it out. But some of the reviews and stuff i've read repeatedly express how violent the series is. i'm not very squeamish, but so much emphasis on the violence in these reviews had me questioning whether or not i should watch this. Can anybody tell me how exactly violent it is? The main reason i'm interested in this anime is cause of the story. It just kinda grabbed my attention. i'm just looking for some insight as to whether it's gonna be worth my time to check it out. i don't wanna get it and then be totally turned off by unnecessary violence. i've read and watched does it stack up as far as graphic-ness goes? Any help or info on this series is much appreciated! Thanks...
I think Inuchan posted a thread similar to this... unsure.gif

I only watched the first DVD (I forgot which company released it), but the previews for the second one looked super violent. Sick, even. Even if the character who gets beaten up still maintains her :bunspark: eyes. It feels like a serious story, but the character design sometimes threw me off.

old stuff, but maybe it gonna help :bigthumb:

about the violence : sadly enough, i haven't managed to watch more than one episode so far, so it's I guess to tiny to get some overal opinion..

I'd say it is disturbing : violence is tightly associated with the kawaii-ness of the characters... If I remember good, in episode 14, u see the main char' remembering whata sad childhood she got, then the next images are people falling down, killed and all bloody, as the main char' (Nyuh I think) passes along. She stays kawaii, she doesn't even seem to realize what pain she inflicts to them....

Definitely not an "all audience" manga...

And though, the art is beautiful: take a look at the images i posted....
thanks inu! my apologies for not seeing the older thread! i havn't been around lately, so i didn't even think to search for it. my bad! :bowdown: :bowdown:
the chick has nice tatas. ;-)
Imaginary Buddie
I thought the anime was great. The animation is top notch and the story is actually rather interesting. This series is one of my friend's #1 Anime. He told me "If you can see beyond the violence, it actually has a good story". Yeah, I'd agree with him. Endure the violence and you get an anime well worth watching. :bigthumb:

Yeah, i'd say it's just as violent as Gantz(uncensored). Where in Gantz you'll see 1 gruesome body get mutilated. In Elfen Lied it'll be a massacre. Torso's and heads flying. Bodies repeatedly slammed to the ground. Pens goin through brains. Broken Limbs. Etc.

I found a couple examples on google images if you want me to link.

frozen ray
Elfen Lied is a VERY good anime... totally watch it... however.. it is very violent at times (dimembered body parts, lots of blood..) but the violence is not unnecessary... it has a meaning and purpose.. also.. it has a great story and good character development..
not yet available in DVD at my place .... :buncry:
I'm near the end. I'm really loving this series. Very high quality in the production. A tad short though, the story feels a bit abrupt. Well worth watching though.
I just finished the series. In a way I was a little disappointed that it was short and there were a few loose ends. Some of the things didn't wrap up in a manner that i would like...but then again that's my opinion.
But yes indeed the themes in it, the violence, Oh how could neone pass up the opportunity to see this type of violence! It was so unique and fresh and it freaked me out hehe! A definite see, but i doubt i'll be watching over and over again.
aaah thanks to, i finally got to see this anime hehehe weeee ^^

still wondering what gonna happen at the end hehehehe
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