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Full Version: Golfing!
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Hmm, I tried this game out a little while ago. It's pretty interesting. Well, the controls are pretty simple and it mimicks the gaming style of hot shots golf where u power up and try to stop the bar on a certain point on the entire bar. Well, check it out if your looking for a relaxing game and a break from all those shooting and mmorpg games. Right now, it's a little limited in avatars and items. Also the there is only one model for both male and female chars, though you can change the color of their hair and shirt. Right now its in beta only, but I believe it will still remain a free game even after beta, from what my friend said.


Albatross18 screenshots
Curse you Dina mad.gif

Why must you post these tempting games when I cant be bothered wasting time??

:rolling: but seriously tho, that looks so fun....think I might dl it afterwards.
haha, sorry Asudef.
Haha its cool, I always liked golf games. Do you play others online or something or is it just play by yourself?
This game is online only, 2-4 players at a time. And there is usually a timer of about 30-40 secs for each players turn so no need to get anxious.
Strange, i can't find where it tells you how much space it takes up on your comp. I have about a gig left, so i dont wanna dl something that'll exceed that.
hmm, the installer is between 100-200 mb, but i dunno with installers and patches. But I'm sure it'll take less than a gig.
Hey Dina, were you able to select characters? Im just starting it now and I cant change chars....its kinda annoying since I dont want to be the kid in the wifebeater :rolling:
haha, yeah, thas the thing. There is only the boy character. I think they are going to release the fat big guy really soon. Right now it turns into beta dec 15th i think.
woOt Golf!
Hmm yeah, I noticed they only have 2 and its based on whether you choose male or female when you reg. I guess you can buy more chars later tho :dunno:

I have to say tho the games really nice so far.
How far have you gotten?

Stop spamming mav! :rolling:
I haven't played for a while, I haven't installed it on my home computer. I dunno, I'm not really a fan of golf games. Maybe I'll install it during the break, maybe...
its not spam. i was on the highschool golf team for 4 years in a row ^___^

this game is pretty sweet but sometimes the physics of it piss me off. i get golfers rages pretty easily...... :eyesroll:

anyways is there a single player mode? i dont like looking like a n00b in front of the pros :buncry:
Why are so many tall people golfers also :dunno:

Hahaha I havent really gotten into it yet, just went through the tutorial the other day but I like it so far. The putting is really hard tho :swt:

Id play you but I dunno if it lets you search and challenge others tho
Damn you for making me download this game!!! If I get addicted, I'm blaming you happy.gif

it looked cute....couldn't resist
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