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Full Version: Mario Kart DS
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anyone here have mario kart DS and want to play online? if you do leave your friend code here, i'll post mine as soon as my sister stops hogging my DS.
no one wants to play me? !@#$!!!
Uhh well i don't have a DS but what the hell....

*pictures himself in a go kart running over ken*

I've never seen it, any similar to Snes or N64 versions?
More towards the 64 version. They added this drifting move too which is pretty bad ass. Still getting used to it.

If you play me, i'll own you =P
Well at least you'll be owning someone eh. :grin:

Man i need a DS. sad.gif
Well at least you'll be owning someone eh.  :grin:

ouch, that was a low blow. bad clem!

but yeah, you need to get one man. It's fucking awesome, you can design your own icon to put on your kart too. I want to use my daiforum avatar as my icon.

Some dude had a triforce as his kart icon. it's pretty bad ass. My brother has itachi as his icon.
Uhh... i'm sorry. I actually meant to say 'rip off your sister's head and hand her @ss back to her on a plate!!!1111. :bigthumb:

I miss mario kart. Mebbe i'll buy mehself one for xmas lol. sleep.gif
That's more like it :bigthumb:

So..... any takers? leave your friend code here and we'll set something up :bigthumb:
uchiha yinchi
i would play you, but that would require me to spend money and i can't do that because i have to spend 80 bucks on the new naruto nex wensday. btw, how do you get online with a ds? do u need that new wifi addapter thing?
if you dont have a wireless router, you have to buy the WiFi adapter.
uchiha yinchi
ill go pick that up cuz i got the game for christmas, i also made a nice little sharringan icon
Soul Reaver
Friend codes! FRIEND CODES!!!!
Friend code: 506868 591259

I have the Robotech Macross logo as my emblem.
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