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Yeah, so who's getting one?? From rumors I hear that PS3 is the best next-gen system to go for, graphics and performance-wise. And of course, being a PS it will have TONS of games. I already saw a little tiny bit of Soul Calibur 4...:drool:

user posted image

I'd like to try it out and compare it myself, since i had a taste of the XB360, and even that was awesome to boot.
ever since the ps1 came out, ive been a pretty loyal sony fanboy. sure, ive owned every other console out there, but i think the playstation consoles are always the best ones....due to what you already mentioned, an ass amount of games. besides, how can you not slober over the mgs4 trailer? :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
ahh the mgs4 trailer!!! That was quite hilarious but mostly mouth-dropping with its graphics O_O!! My friend just showed me two vids of it the other day.
PS3 will be awesome. that's a given. I'll be getting one on launch day.
i'm kind of worried about the price though, they haven't released any information on that.

I would love to get one, but if it's too expensive i'll have to pass.
YO JITsu!!zz hos stuff XD havent seen u around for ageeeeeeeeeees

anyway to stay on topic: Man.. that ps3 looks so damn hot..... i would love to own one.. ive heard many stuff about it... its incredible. thing is, its gonna be expensive sad.gif .................... prob gonna wait about 2 years after its released to get it ahahahahahXD
Aaah... O.o the up and coming new PS3... me want... i heard rumors that the games for PS3 is going to go for at least a $100 and up... is that true??? well probably is...

I have a PS2 sitting at home and taking up dust... xD i doubt that i would buy it... too much money involved... i need to go to college!!!!!!! kinda random... >_<
DAI World Order
no way the games will be $100. Sony would be shooting themselves in the foot...AGAIN...if they do.

The Sony CEO said the pricing maybe between $59.99 - $100.
It's mostly up to the publishers of the games what the price will be, and chanes are it's not gonna pass $60 at all.
old topic but as the time draws near.. mmmm.. as with pricing games, would the blu ray have anything to do with making it more expensive? i mean.. producers gotta work with new tech..

and a short question that probably everyone can answer.. ps3, backwards compatible with ps1 & ps2?
Kyo Kusanagi
It' ll be perfectly compatible with PS2 games because it' s gonna have an Emotion Engine chip built in (Sony tried to develop a software emulator to put into their new console, but they decided hardware emulation would be better). As for PS1 games, I think those which a PS2 can handle will run fine with the PS3 since there' s this Emotion engine thing; the PS1 games that didn' t run on PS2 won' t run with PS3 as well.
Who wants to bet against Sony in this episode of the console wars? Not I.
Wow thats pretty messed up marketing. What kinds of display are capable of displaying 1080p? Just the HDTv's?
Yup, the so-called "Full HD" ones...

The PS3 will be released only in March 2007 in Europe. Why are we always the last ones to get new consoles :evil:
DAI World Order
this is all I gotta say

user posted image


as an UNBIASED gamer and everyone knows that I am the most honest gamer on the board.... :rolling:

if you got that PS3 money saved up, then take a look at this

user posted image
The PS3 is too expensive for me... I will wait until Christmas to buy a Nintendo DS smile.gif
@DAI World Order: Omg :rolling:

Even though the price of the Premium PS3 is high ($659 CDN BEFORE tax @_@), I'd kinda say it's a deal. You recieve a built in Blu-Ray! XDDD I believe the Blu-Ray alone is $600+, I'm not sure. xD But yeah. It's imho. :mrgreen:

But since it is quite pricey for some of us, I'm probably going to wait until next summer... and since Tekken 6 MIGHT be coming out in Q1 Q2... xDDD
Actually, I don't really care about Blu-Ray. You know, Blu-Ray, Touff-Ray, those kind of things... :roll:
^ Now that you remind me... :foxmad:

Lol, kidding. xDDD
Well, I'm actually still into the 2d fighter generation. It seems like there is no more room for them to exist in the next gen era.

Also, Sony decided to lower the price of ps3 in japan to about a little over 400. But they're most likely not going to do that here. And with the 500,000 units coming to the states, reduced from the million+ units projected, it'll be the end of the world when ps3 debuts.

Well, right now, I'm just going to invest in a swap disc for my ps2 so I can play some good ol' Guilty Gear.

I believe the Blu-Ray alone is $600+, I'm not sure.

I heard Blu-Ray was $1000 USD. Not really sure if that's true but...Could be...?

Yeah, I'm probably going to get PS3 in...10 years...used...on the blackmarket...So it won't be $600...That's just way too expensive for me. I think Sony is shooting themselves in the feet this time around. If the Blu-Ray DOES cost so much, they're going to be losing so much money every sale...Plus didn't they say no online play? Not sure if that was just a rumor, but...Yeah...

Go Wii
I say investment because that's basically what it is. If I spend over 200 dollars usd on something, that is what i call it. Anyways, I think that the PS3 is way overpriced. I mean, they fail to realize to ask themselves the question... who is their target audience? kids between 5 and 10 years old? I don't think so. Look at the prices. How are parents supposed to afford that... FOR A GAME SYSTEM!

I was hoping for like $400 price tag. Now I read that the system will be $500 for the basic system and $600 for the regular system. I personally will wait until next year. I will save like $25 dollars a pay until I have enough. I have to wait until next year anyway because the game I want to get "F1 06" will come out in Europe in March 2007 along with the Launch of the PS3. So I have no choice. That game won't be released in america, but I can import it due to the region free aspect of the system. I'm definitely happy about that.

There is always a silver lining!
Well I was reading an article that the people at Sony were saying they added BluRay and HiDef capabilities because theyre trying to aim for people who wish to upgrade to the new tech and instead of a $500 BluRay player they can opt for the PS3 which does so much more and let the kids play games etc. Thats why they have two versions of it, one for people who dont want all the goodies. Their target demographic isnt little kids 5-10 anymore, it never really was since that's what Nintendo does best; a DS only $100 or so its much more practical for parents to buy their kids. Theyre aiming for people who stay on top of technology and want a "do it all" machine.

But of course thats all just corporate progaganda.
I dont know what to think about their strategy but I feel its just hitting that wave which started with the new systems in the 90's like 3DO etc. when 3D environments began to show up. Those were priced for rich kids but then prices came way down for systems like the DC and it seems they've become almost disposable. I never take those PS2 Slim etc consoles seriously because anyone knows theyre made with substandard components since their predecessors have already established the quality standard, they're just riding the coattails for more profit. So I think this PS3 is just breaking another barrier and prices will come down again when the technology begins to equalize.
QUOTE(DAI World Order)

as an UNBIASED gamer and everyone knows that I am the most honest gamer on the board.... :rolling:  

That's funny as hell. *cough* Splinter Cell on PS2 got bad ratings cause of bad graphics compared to Xbox (xboxlol) *cough*
Haha, well if MGS4 doesn't come out any time soon, then i can afford to wait... and mebbe the price will have dropped a little by then. The first Splinter Cell was great... but when they started churning them out by the numbers, it just kinda put me off.
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