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Full Version: hey^^
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minna san, konnichi wa.
my name is sami. i'm a 16 years old guy living in germany (so exuse my bad english :bowdown: )
the first time I heared from DAI was....yeah, it was when they announced that they break up.
since then I started to be a "fan"XD and tried to get everything of them (PVs, mp3 etc) and finally I found this forum.
I registered myself and just watched what you guys are talking about.
my favourite topic was the "want to record DAI songs with other members" thread :grin: very good idea :bigthumb: i liked it 'cause i play the piano, the guitar and for 1 month the bass so its sounds really interesting to me.
hm, what else should i tell about myself? i'm learnin japanese for 2 years^^

i hope this forum keeps on excisting, also without DAI

mata ne^^

KR here from Singapore! m/23
Welcome! I think this forum will be around for a long time. Hope you enjoy your stay! :bigthumb:
Hello~! happy.gif Glad to know DAI's earning more fans even after the break up... :buncry:

Anyway, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here~! & yeah, I think this forum will be around for a long time, too. :grin:
welcome!!! :wave:
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