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Full Version: MARA in hospital
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So...I'm sorry to tell this news but Mara is currently in she won't be able to post anymore. She asked me to tell u guys she is sooooo sorry she wasn't able to upload the DAI TV performance and begs your pardon...she asked me (her friend Michiko) to post for her to keep her up to, hope I'm welcome though it's a terrible reason :buncry: :buncry: :buncry: :wave:

well about me:

My name is Michiko Asuuka and I'm 15 years old and from Osaka, Japan...I'm a fan of DAI since 2001, right after I met mara in school as she did her favourite song is NEW WORLD and I've been to one concert of DAI at the NEED YOUR LOVE TOUR...I'm addicted to their music but also listen to X Japan, Nakashima Mika and L'Arc en Ciel! :wave: my name in kanji 明日香 美智�
I am so sorry to hear that! My heart and prayers goes out to Mara. Please tell her that. Thank you. :buncry: :buncry: :buncry: :buncry:
sad.gif I hope she'll recover soon and come back here to enjoy with us! :bigthumb:

Gambatte Mara!!! :bunpom:

and welcome Michiko! :wave:
It's always a pleasure to meet a Do As Infinity's Japanese fan! :wink:
oooh!!! get well soon!!!!
Hope to see her by here soon happy.gif
hope you get well soon MARA chan!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bunpom: :bunpom:
@Mara: Take care and get well soon! :bigthumb:

@Michiko: Welcome!!!! :wave: Please enjoy urself here as Mara did! :bigthumb:
T_T im so sorry to hear that I hope mara gets well soon T_T

And hello Michiko Asuuka !! enjoy yourself here happy.gif
...My God, I hope it's nothing serious....I just saw here (well, in the forum) a few days fact, she helped me -- AGAIN -- with a song request/issue...

......I really hope it's nothing serious; people have been entering hospitals left and right. (;_;) She'll be in my prayers...

And to you, Michiko, thanks for the info! And welcome to the forums!! (^^) It's really cool that you went to a DAI concert...I wish I could go to one. (sleep.gif;;) But I doubt they'll ever visit the Midwest, USA...because there's nothing here. XD

Did you get Van and Ryo's autograph, by the way? *o*
:buncry: Please get better...
hope she's fine....well, ask her to not worry bout the whole upping thing, the most important thing now for her is to get well again.

and also, Hi Michiko, yoroshiku! yeah, it's always nice to meet a Japanese DAI fan. have fun here! :bigthumb:
in the hospital? that's terrible! sad.gif mara, hope you get well soon!

michiko, konnichiwa!! douzo yorosiku! smile.gif
oh my , that's such a sad news........ :buncry: :buncry: :buncry: I hope you get better soon Mara !!! smile.gif

Welcome welcome Michiko !!!!!!! Thank you for giving us news from Mara.... And if you get in touch with her, tell her everyone here think about her, ne? happy.gif

I hope you will enjoy your staying here !!! :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :wave: :wave: :wave:
Oh no! :buncry: Rest assure, the whole DAIforum is behind Mara in her recovery. Get well soon!
@Mara: No worries! Hope u recover ASAP :bigthumb: I think it's a wonderful gesture from you to get Michiko-chan to inform us :wink:

@Michiko-chan : Welcome! We badly need more Japanese fans here :bunlove: :bunlove: Hope you create an account for yourself here and do post often! :bigthumb:
Please send my love to Marachan and hope she gets well soon! In the meantime, welcome Michiko! Have fun in here! ^^
thanx for all your wishes! I'll tell mara when I visit her the next time! :wave:
@Mara: ^^ i hope you get better
@Michiko: ^^' pls register yourself in the forum =)
@Michiko: ^^' pls register yourself in the forum =)

i promised her to post for her so this is what I do :wave:
Welcome to the forum :wave: , and send mara my good wishes, hope she´s gonna be ok soon
Best wishes for her!
@Michiko: ^^' pls register yourself in the forum =)

i promised her to post for her so this is what I do :wave:

that's very thoughtful!^^

maybe you can just join when mara feels better smile.gif

once again, best wishes to her :wave:
*laughs at the past*


mara's illness was fogo na periquita ! >O
I hope Mara will get better soon.
btw, there's no info why she has to be in hospital, i hope nothing's serious.

we'll be waiting for good news of her health here. smile.gif

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