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I do! It's so fun! It takes time and a lot of patience but the end result is great and gratifying! And people take piccies of you! ^^

Some of my recent ones:

If you cosplay, share some pics! :bunlove:
hmm, pix don't werk for sum reason... :buncry:

(but i know there's a bunch of other peeps in this forum who cosplay, including jitsu) :wink: :rolling:
i wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*looks at Jitsu*
I've done it a couple times. It's fun..
I made a huge unoffical thread somewhere in this forum with a bunch of picutres, but no one else would post more so it fell to the back donno where it is....

It was called the Unofficial Cosplay Thread or soemthing like that, heh

This year Im doing a Ichigo from Bleach cosplay at PMX2005 ^^
sorry but i can't see the pics. :dunno:

haven't tried cosplaying yet . . .
Hmmm that's for me...ok link I guess! Xp

Ukiha, you did? I'm sorry! I searched the forums for the word "cosplay" and it didn't fetch anything...-.-"

My first cosplay was Van-chan from the Raven PV! :bunlove: Its at the very bottom...
My first cosplay was Van-chan from the Raven PV!  :bunlove: Its at the very bottom...

yea i saw that one at the bottom hehe! awesome!!! XD and selphie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sugoi desu yo!

Um... I don't cosplay (but I would like to- sounds like fun!!!) but since we're on the subject of cosplaying anyway, does anyone know (besides ebay) where I can find a good Inuyasha outfit for a decent price?? I would like to wear it at school this year for Halloween. smile.gif I think it would be cool walking around like Inuyasha for one day. Ebay wanted one costume for at least $80- the cheapest so far. Some of the costumes I've seen are like $100+. One site wanted at least $200 and the outfit looked like shit, IMO. The rosary didn't look right- the purple beads were see-through and the fangs were too long I think. The wig (price I think I can understand) was like $80. Everything was sold separate and altogether downright expensive. Oh, and Tetsusaiga looked like a pirate's sword to me. I can picture Inuyasha w/ an eye patch and saying, " Arrrrrgh maties~ Kaze no Kizu!!!! Argghhhhh!!!!" :rolling:

EDIT: Found the page. I don't know how to judge what's the best kind of outfit and things like that. Has anyone ever bought a costume from this site? You guys can be the real jusges here because I am n00b when it comes to this kind of stuff. I'm just looking for some good cosplay advice from the pros here. smile.gif Click here for the link:
ARIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u remember rei rei :tongue: ???






;______________________________; no...?

HOW DARE YOU :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: I WON'T FORGIVE YOU!!!

dang im wasting space. Umm no ive never tried cosplaying before.. cuz it costs money.. and im too lazy ^^;

wait.. were.. u the one that asked about tomiko's outfit in Raven PV... i remember realli realli realli long ago.. someone asked about that...... and no one really had an answer.. :rolling:


Ukiah's here too.. remember Hime glomp :rolling:???

BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:
iam going to try cosplay as arashi from paradise kiss next year in the animemazement!!!!
hmmm well i'll make sure to take some pixx when i cosplay next. i plan on otakon, nekocon, acen, AX'06 , and animazement. so look forward to it i guess tongue.gif the one coming up is otakon (aug 19 i believe), so...

i plan on cosplaying:

Takane Matsu
Sakura Kasugano
Chibi advent children Cloud :naughty:
Sadako Yamamura
ban chyan (depends how long my hair ends up being)
Jill Valentine
Rebecca Chambers

well, i need more throw em at me if ya can. i'm sure most of you already know what i look like. i'm trying to crossplay more too. i guess cloud is a good start. i'm planning a crossplay with my friend...he will be in a sailor seifuku :rolling: and i'll be wearin' the boys' gakuran ^o^

er...but i'll be working in the dealer's room for pretty much all the cons so i dunno if i'll have all that much time, but hmm maybe my boss'll be naisu enough to let me wear it while i work, hahaha. i think that'll bring good business :tongue:
Ukiha's here too.. remember Hime glomp :rolling:???

BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :rocket:  :rocket:  :rocket:  :rocket:

Hmm I didnt think you knew I change my username.....

CRAZY ROCKET WHORE!!! (like im one to talk)

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

^^ Its Great to see you again Rei, how was that school?

@Arika: *Sigh* guess it got deleted

Edit: Ah Found it

Yeah the search function is tricky sometimes, you have to change Past 30 Days to Anydate, the search function needs to die O.o Its been more than a year since anyones poster in there.

Stupid Search Function....and Rei.... :mad: :mad:
:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:
Oh yeah...that was a longgg time agooooooooooooo! I hardly remember asking about the Raven outfin but...yeah, no one could help me that much and I was sad. Oh well! It jumpstarted my cosplay career!
Yup! Cosplay is really fun! If one get the chance, must really try it out! I tried it once and i liked it alot!
Here's a pic of my first and only cosplay, accompanied by two other friends of mine:
I'm on the left, cosplaying Kyo from King Of Fighters (b'cos i can't think of other things to cosplay & has less than a day to prepare tongue.gif)
and my friends are cosplaying characters from Naruto!

user posted image

pic's small so gotta zoom gomen! tongue.gif
Aww, how cyuute! And your buddies are Chouji and Kakashi, respectively. :tongue:
Im not sure if its supposed to be that way but in your Amiboshi pics, when you hold the flute the outside hand is suppsed to face the other way :tongue:

But other than that those are some great costumes....I dont think I have the guts to cosplay.....Im such a tightwad ph34r.gif
Yah I realized that afterwards but when I did Tayuya I fixed that. x_x

You should try it! Mebbe you have some underlying sewing talent!
Ehhh....I hope so :rolling:

Id like to try making my own clothes but I think thats out of my realm since I know nothing about it :tear:
uchiha yinchi
hmmm well i'll make sure to take some pixx when i cosplay next.  i plan on otakon, nekocon, acen, AX'06 ,  and animazement.  so look forward to it i guess tongue.gif  the one coming up is otakon (aug 19 i believe)

yup, the weeken of august 19-21 ill c u there :grin: ill be the short kid dressed as orochimaru. i had to order sandalls off ebay and go and buy some cat eye contacts, but its gonna be fun. only thing im worried about is the makeup, because im biracial and have brown skin so i need to find a white makeup that will make me look like him and wont sweat off, cuz that maryland sun gets hot as hell! i also cosplayed as link from wind waker when i was like 12. ill try to post some pics later tho. o btw arika when u did ure tayuya costume how did you make the huge purple bow cuz i have no idea what to do with that lol
Aww, a lil Orochimaru!! :grin: :tongue:

I had a few ideas for the bow but what I ended up doing was pretty simple...I still have to perfect my method, though....(*sews long piece of fabric like a low skinny pillow, stuffs it and winds clear thread around it for that "twisted" look*) I gotta make it better! ^x^
Aww, how cyuute! And your buddies are Chouji and Kakashi, respectively.  :tongue:

Cute... :rolling: :rolling: :rolling:
yep, i do cosplay, though over here in sunny Singapore. XD

the characters that i did before:
- Mido Ban (Get Backers)
- Miroku Natsuhiko (Get Backers)
- Inui Sadaharu (Prince of Tennis)
- Athrun Zala (Gundam Seed Destiny)

doing Uryu Ishida for our end-of-year event with the rest of my Bleach team members.
user posted image
I got on the cosplay bandwagon! Azumanga Daioh!
Aww! Good for you!! :bigthumb:
I got on the cosplay bandwagon!  Azumanga Daioh!

hehehe, i've that hat as well. hmmm cosplay is really fun. anyone been to con here in japan? is so cool to see everyone do cos >_< wish i could also but well...~~~ maybe sometime in future, but my friends always do. they went as a big square enix group, made me want to cry :buncry:

Never did. If I get enough money, maybe then. :bigthumb:
I wanna cosplay again but I can't think of any character I'd like to cosplay as. Except Noir but I would need someone else to be Kirika. I want to be a sailor senshi too but the hair. My hair is nothing like any of theirs and I wouldn't know where to get a wig..No places round here..
Soul Reaver
I'm gonna do my first cosplay this saturday. I'm dressing up as Joe from Viewtiful Joe. I just need to go out and buy some khaki shorts and hat on friday. Henshin around!
I wanna cosplay again but I can't think of any character I'd like to cosplay as. Except Noir but I would need someone else to be Kirika. I want to be a sailor senshi too but the hair. My hair is nothing like any of theirs and I wouldn't know where to get  a wig..No places round here..

Jittsun would totally do Kirika. She's got my high school uniform too...sailor fuku-ish and all. I actually hated my uniform but... talk to her, haha.

That's cool, Soul, make sure to take many pictures for us happy.gif
Soul Reaver
Sorry, no pictures. At least not taken by my friends. I did goto the dance and they took some pictures though. Me, my friend, and one guy from security macked that shit up dancing. We weren't just swaying and 2 stepping like everyone else. Security guy was pro raver and was doing his crazy moves, my friend is a martial artist and was able to pull of crazy air moves and flips, and I was able to do some one handed hand stands and from what I was told some nice footwork. It was You Got Served amatuer anime style. Just have to hope that I can find them on the net.
uchiha yinchi
w00t! everthing is going good with my costume. only 6 days away from otakon! i got the sandals off ebay, the shirt and pants from goodwill, the tunic from my grandma, the wig from a wig shop, the contacts from sams club, and the makeup from a clown at a magic shop. now all i need is the ace banage and bow thingy. i wont be in the maskerade or contest tho, by the time i thought about it the registration was over, so now ill just be walking around as orochimaru for the fun of it, not for a prize.
Cool, I'm glad to hear of your progress! Can't wait to see pics if you decide to share. ^.^ I'm so glad you got contacts... :bowdown:
uchiha yinchi
w00t i just got done with otakon! i cosplayed as orochi for fri and sat. i got alot of compliments and 4 peeps told me i was the best orochimar :grin: . ill post a pic or 2 later when i get hold of my dads digicam. i can post alot if its not illegal to post pic of me with othere people without the other peoples permission.
hey! that's no fair....i wanna cosplay....but it's kind of embarressing to say that my mom wouldn't give me a ride to any of the cons............
I just got back from Pacific Media Expo in Long beach and I Cosplayed Hitsugaya Toushiro from Bleach. Ehmm...Enjoy?

[Edit: So my Photobucket died, but im hosting the pictures off image shack now ^^]

Click the Images to make them larger

[Hitsugaya Toushirou Ju-Tachio]
user posted image

[Pocky Hold Up!!]
user posted image

Aizen took all the Pocky and I didnt get any!! We were suppose to split 50-50 jerk!!!

[Me trying to get some Pocky]
user posted image

[I finally got my Pocky happy.gif ]
user posted image

Dont ask about the pairing....We had to work with what we had there...Plus its a spoiler from the manga, lol im just kidding, Its from an omake chapter XD rolleyes.gif

[Hope my sarcasim got through on that one....]

Whatever, I love all Rukia Cosplayers anyways. ehm which she was, its kinda hard to tell...

[Pocky Snatched by New Arrivals, Cross Over Episode!!]
user posted image

Enemies become friends again when Pocky is at stake, and my wrist is really shiny and distracting. Just like Sakura's Kunai Blades....[/spoiler]

Wow now you probably think I have an obsession with pocky? lol...Actually I hate pocky quite alot, but it seemed to be the theme of our gathering so I had to go with it...

Anyways questions, comments, insults are all greatly appriciated, and once more pictures of me surface. I'll post them if you guys want me to. happy.gif
You look AWESOME Ukiha!! The wig and basically everything else looks perfect! Congrats! :bigthumb: I've once cosplayed as Rukia but I don't have any photos. :buncry:
Hitsugaya-kun!!!! :bunlove: :bunlove: I love your Bleach cosplay!!! A lot of people muck up the hair but you did a good job! :grin:
Thanks you for comments happy.gif

At PMX alot of the Staff members kept asking me If I was going to join the masqurade. but I didnt think my cosplay was that good since it was my first one lol.

@nazuki: Get a Camera! Rukia cosplayers are the best!!

*hands Nazuki a juice box* :grin:
Oh, dearie, I've seen far worse traipse across the stage in should've done it! You would have had a fair chance. :grin:
DAIs Apprentice
nice linky here for cosplayers

and here is sesshoumarou
user posted image :bigthumb:
QUOTE(DAI's Apprentice)
nice linky here for cosplayers

and here is sesshoumarou
user posted image :bigthumb:

is that u??? :eek: :eek: :eek: so cool costume :eek:

I did 3 NANA, Kagome and Ichigo from BLEACH XD :rolling:
uchiha yinchi
user posted image

here it is finally! i loaded it and hosted it!!! its a little blurry, but its coo
Soul Reaver
The Blue Man Group has ninjas? :rolling: :rolling: :bigthumb:

Just kidding. Cool costume.
Orochimaru! Very evil and accurate portrayal. :bigthumb:
uchiha yinchi
lol, the makeup was white, but anime cons are a sweaty place so it kinda got skrewed up. and i just had to ad lib with poses until i bought the kunai lol
Hey, I'd like to post my picture of me in my my inuyasha costume (that I wore at school for 10 minutes before getting pulled into the office). How do I do that since it's not on a webpage or whatever? If I can't get up on here, I'll be more than willing to email it to someone who can be able to put up on here.
Tangerine Dreamer is handy :bigthumb:
Doomo Arigato!! :grin: Now I'm pleased to present... Bakayasha!! :rolling:

user posted image

Yes, that's me in my costume at school on my way to the damn office, pass in hand. I was really cheezy and cheap with my hair, so since it was long, I decided to spray it white. Didn't really do much, but people got the idea. Even though I got out of my 2 hour detention, I still think we should be allowed to wear costumes on Halloween... :mad:
Tangerine Dreamer
You aren't? How sad!
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