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I've been reading alot of Get Backers manga lately and I think that they're very good, would anyone happen to know where to download scanlations of Get Backers manga?
I wish I knew... Manga Translations, the group that used to do Tenjo Tenge did two volumes, but then it was licensed... i'm sure it's still going on being scanslated by some underground group, though... because even GTO is being scanslated after it's licensing...
DAIs Apprentice
i've been looking for these to but with no luck at all. If you happen to find any links, please tell me too :bigthumb: Since the series is open-ended (again) i'd like to know what really happened in the end (well if there is an end, that is). But I like the story too... i'd just very much like some closure.
i don't think so, i think the project stopped already T_T
check on got lurk? and you can find all the ones that have been scanslated so far.

waitaminit! this thread is a year old!

damn, for a minute I thought BOSS was back as well. sad.gif
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