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Faq, Please read before asking :)
post Jan 5 2007, 06:34 PM
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Thought we should have the FAQ compressed in one single post smile.gif
Thanks to all contributors.
If you want to add something to the FAQ or have any question, post here

Frequently asked questions

Q: What does so-in-so's screename mean?
A: Do not start a new topic about this! If you want to know why someones screename is what it is, just PM them and i'm sure they will be nice enough to give you an explaination.

Q: How do I post a picture?
A: To post a reply with a picture the easiest way, click on the "IMG" button : IPB Image. A prompt window will pop up for the URL of the picture. Paste it here and click "OK". And you're done. Disclaimer: Make sure the place you're hotlinking from doesn't mind you leeching from their bandwidth.
You could always type in " img " and " /img " (enclosed with brackets, of course) if you'd like.

Q: How do I post my own picture(s)?
A: To post your own picture, you must have your own storage space on the web for it to be viewable online. Most popular are Photobucket, Yahoo! Geocities, Webpost, and Angelfire; mainly because their services are free for a reasonable amount of space and these servers allow most image hosting.

Since Photobucket is the most widely used, but also very convenient, I'll go over it step-by-step, as patiently as I can:

1. Go to Photobucket and click on the "Sign up free" link.
2. Fill out the registration form.
3. They'll ask you if you want subscriptions for some lame stuff; say no to drugs, kids.
4. They'll tell you to activate your account. Check your email and activate it.
5. It is activated. Wee.
6. Go back to the main page and log in.
7. Behold your photobucket, chum-bucket mega-bucket. You can add an album to sort your things but I'll jump to the pictures... . Now, click on the "Browse" button.

Reminder: The picture must not be pron-related or offensive by nature. It must also be under 250kb (or you don't mind it being resized) and saved as .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, or .swf.

8. Find your pic and click "OK". Duh.
9. Submit your pic. You can submit several pictures simultaneously by clicking on the "Submit Multiple Pictures" drop-down button and select how many. Do what you need to do.
10. Photobucket is so sweet, they have the codes spelled out and ready for you. Copy and paste the code (for this forum, it applies to the last one) and you're done. Blah!

Q: How do I resize a picture for my signature?
1. Save the pic on your computer.
2. Open the picture through some image editor (the Gimp, Paint.NET, Photoshop,... "Windows Photo Editor" will do fine)
3. Select the "resize picture option" (make it 300 x 300 pixels, please... ^^ ) and save the new picture.
4. Upload that new picture in www.photobucket.com, or any place in the internet allowing you uploading pictures... (see previous question wink.gif )
5. Link it to your signature, using the IMG tag.
6. and voilĂ  !

Q: How do I post on a forum?
A: Take a look at that

Q: Why is my thread closed?
A: Maybe you are out of topic, or maybe the topic you bring have been posted a while ago. Please read previous threads before posting ! In extreme situation, because the discussion have turned into pointless or agressive fighting.

Q: Why is my post deleted?
A: Either it is a double post, or spam: to avoid the latter, please make sure your post is relevant to the discussion.

Q : Why can't I change my custom title ?
A : Because you have to post 500 messages before ^^ (not a reason to spam though...)

Q:Why can't I see the Fast Reply box ?
A : The Fast Reply box is available only in Kit Kat Jam (for the moment).
If you don't see it, go in your control panel (My Controls), then Board Settings (under Options) and change Open Fast Reply automatically when available? to Yes

Q: Why is my avatar streched?
A : Because you haven't set the proper dimensions of your avatar. And remember that its size is limited to 100x100

Q: How do I add YouTube videos in my posts?
A : Use the youtube bbcode
[youtube]video id[/youtube]

Q: In the active users list, I see a name "Google.com", but I cannot click it, what is it?
A: It is a Google bot, a thing that references web pages, and add them to the Google search engine

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